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Pie Day

Today, friends, is an important holiday.

Pie Day!

Not Pi day mind you, which is almost two months away.  And also a great time to eat pie.

We hit up Baker & Spice, where they were celebrating both pie day and their fifth birthday.

Turns out most of Hillsdale wanted to join us.

Really, who wouldn’t want to have a case like this to choose from?

And that was just the cold case… There was a whole ‘nother one of fruit pies and pastries.  Mmm.  Health food.

We braved the line and got a chicken pot pie

puff pastry?  Yes please!

And a chocolate cream pielette

Because if it’s miniature, it’s gotta be low cal.  Right? Right?

We also worked on our yard today.

I was working along the side of our front porch

This is under the far right side of the picture above.

Know where’s its not?  INSIDE.

Seriously-there’s no window there inside.  Crazy!

So that’s been my saturday-pie and crazy windows.  How’s yours going?


2 years

Last night was me and the fiance’s 2 year anniversary.

If you’ve been reading for awhile you know he and I met as roommates when I first moved to Portland.

Two years ago we gave up trying to not date and went out for dinner.

Last year on our anniversary he was super sick.

This year he was only a little sick.

Commitment is making him less ill as time goes on I guess?

We went to Three Square Grill for dinner.  It’s really close to our house, so that dinner wasn’t too crazy for sick face.  We’d been there for brunch before, but not dinner.  We were amazed at how packed it was, but they were just in the paper… (The fiance, btw, had never heard of Matzo ball soup before last night… I think I should’ve explained before we ordered, because he seemed a little sad once he heard what it was and realized what he was missing out on).

We started with bread and buttahhh

And wine.  Shocking, right?

And then we got the most insane amazing appetizer EVAH

(Terrible picture, but we were excited to eat!)

Hush puppies, fried okra, and fried house made pickles with jalepeno jelly (that I think was also house made).  Good.  Freakin.  Lord.  Amazinnnng.

(Also, fun note; I student taught in the neighborhood we live in now.  While we were eating one of my students from last year came in with his family and sat next to us.  Which was was awesome just in and of itself.  Then he got a pickle and his dad said they were homemade.  The little boys eyes got HUGE and he asked “homemade?!” before taking a giant bite.  I think he was more excited about the pickle than anything else on his plate)

We shared two entrees; Grilled salmon with aoli, crispy leeks, and hoppin’ johns (delicious black eyed pea thangs)

And a cassoulet (which is a bean stew sorta thang) with duck sausage, beef, and pork

I ended up eating most of the salmon, and the fiance ate the cassoulet.  Both were fantastic.

And because he loves me (and didn’t realize Food Front sold flowers) the fiance had some dessert from Baker & Spice at home for us

Flourless chocolate cake, a vanilla cupcake with raspberry buttercream, and a whoopie pie.

What can I say?  There’s a reason I’ve kept him around the past two years…

So not breakfast food…

Last night was definite soup weather!  Rainy rainy day (and a backed up drainpipe from our rain gutters, resulting in a leak!  Yikes!)

I had butternut squash soup

And said “I need some vegetables” and cooked green beans on the side

I realized after sitting down that squash is, you know, a vegetable.

Have I ever told you how I have a masters degree?  Cause I do.  It shows.

(The fiance had chicken noodle soup from a can, and grilled cheese.  He politely tried a bite of mine.  Just one bite)

And I explained to the fiance how Baby Brother didn’t know what latkes were… and found out the fiance had no clue either!

So I made some more.  I’m not one to pass up fried potatoes.

The fiance insisted on ketchup for his.  He wouldn’t buy that applesauce was wonderful on them.  (me: “It’s like how you put applesauce on pork chops” him: “I’ve never heard of that either”)

Today the fiance is working from home.  Which means he’ll be super productive.

He wanted coffee, and we’re out (someone doesn’t understand that when you use the last of something, you should mention it, write it on a shopping list, something…. or else the magical chore faeries, who also do the laundry, pull the weeds, and sweep the floors won’t know to buy it).  His solution was Baker & Spice.

I had this

(Ricotta tartlet with candied cranberries on top.  Oh.  My.  Word.)

he had this

(chocolate croissant)

and this.

(maple twist-basically pastry with frosting)

Guess which one of us finished, and which one needed a box?

I’m going to rub it in later.  When I’m eating the rest of my breakfast cheesecake.

So not breakfast food.

We’re hoping to finish Christmas shopping today!

Are you done yet?

Happy Hillsdale

When we were looking for houses one of the biggest things we wanted was to have a house where we could still walk places.  After two years of living in Northwest it was a hard to leave-I left an area where I could to walk to Powell’s, take the streetcar anywhere, and have a Trader Joe’s across the street… not to mention there being a ton of bars where I could easily stagger home.

But I gotta say, our new hood is pretty great-I love that we have a lot to walk to still-Baker & Spice, Salvador Molly’s, the farmer’s market,  the Thai place with golden sacs, and the head-sized margarita store.

And yeah, you can walk to a grocery store, and a bank, and a post office, and a library.

But last time I checked you can’t eat stamps.  So those aren’t quite as exciting.

Today we tried a new Hillsdale place, and it was tasty!

Three Square Grill is just a few doors down from my beloved Baker & Spice.  They do breakfasts only on Sunday.  This morning it was icy out, so we’re waiting for later church.   We realized this meant that God wanted us to go out for breakfast before mass.  So we bundled up and were on our way.

We found these gingerbread houses in the window at Baker and Spice

Love them!

(That’s the St John’s Bridge)

(and the White Stag sign)

Edible Portland landmarks


The breakfast came with warm baguette slices, butter, and jam. This was mommy-quality jam.

I had an omelet with greens, roast chicken, ricotta, and sundried tomatoes.

I was more than a little in love with the chicken and greens.  The omelet was way too much to finish, but you better believe I picked out every last bit of greens.

Do you make gingerbread houses?  Baby brother is quite sure he and I should make one.  But last year we made a halloween one, and it looked like this

So I’m not sold on the idea.


My old roommate was here yesterday afternoon.

Hadn’t seen her in MONTHS!

I looked like crap, so rather than us yesterday, here’s us at Kenny Chesney a while back.  It’s better, cause we have cowboy hats

I should get bangs again.

Anyways, I took her to Baker & Spice, because there’s very little we like more than carbs and coffee.

Well, we like pretty drinks and carbs more.  But I had to get in a car in not too long, so face sized margaritas were out.

Pretty coffee

And flatbread with pesto and all sorts of goodness

I’m really sad we didn’t take pictures of this, but we walked through the co-op grocery and there were ONLY Hanukkahs decorations.  No trees, no Santa, no Jesus.  I’d been trying to explain to her how she should move back, because she can come live with me (the fiance would LOVE that) and find a nice Jewish husband (she’s Jewish), and she didn’t believe me that SW Portland has a large Jewish population.

The dreidle garland did a nice job of proving my point.

When we lived together we had a blue and white christmas tree.  It was our compromise.

For dinner the fiance asked for Mac and Cheese.  I’m a good wifey, so I obliged.

He, btw, did not believe me that there was cheddar in this because it wasn’t bright orange like the stuff from a box.  Silly boy.

We made cookie dough together.  The fiance was most helpful at the licking

Oh god.  That sounds super dirty doesn’t it.

I meant licking these

I almost erased the unintentional dirtiness.  But I was going to change it to “licking the batter”.

I think that’s worse.


I need more sleep.

I baked the cookies this morning

I am going to go over and babysit my cousin’s 2 year old, and decorate with her.

I’m not sure if frosting and a 2 year old are good combo.  But I’m not her mom, so it’s ok.

But, you know, for quality control, I had to make sure they were good

I know what you’re thinking.

“cookies for breakfast?! Why Kalin….”

Don’t worry guys, don’t worry

Cookies AND coffee.  Breakfast of champions.

Oh. Em. Gee.

So I had full intents of making us breakfast today.

But the fiance woke up and said “Want me to go get us breakfast from Baker & Spice?”

Do I want delicious baked goods?

Clearly, my answer was “yes!”

Have I mentioned how insanely good this place is?


Well, it still is.

The fiance did well at picking out a variety of goodness

DSCN4633Fruit hand pie, pain au chocolate, and pumpkin bread


The pumpkin bread had amazing chocolate chips (seriously, how often do you rave about chocolate chips?  they were that good) and pumpkin seeds on top

DSCN4631Even my pumpkin hating fiance couldn’t resist-he loved it!

We ate the fruit pie too fast to get another picture.  But it was goooood.

And the pain au chocolate was perfection

DSCN4634The chocolate was a ganache, not just a solid chunk, so it was smooth and amazing.  And who doesn’t love good flaky pastry?

To finish it off, the fiance got me this for dessert (yes, breakfast dessert)

DSCN4632Pumpkin whoopie pie.

I basically alternated between bites and going “oh my god!”

Seriously, one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.  Moist, full of flavor, and the perfect size.

Have I eaten a days worth of calories in baked goods?  Probably.  But it was worth it.

I love you Hillsdale.  I love you Baker & Spice.  I love you pastries.

Do you have a neighborhood bakery?

First Night

I don’t know if I said it before, but thanks everyone for your congrats on our new house.  It’s crazy that we’re homeowners… I don’t think it’s fully sunk in yet.

So far my favorite thing about the new house?  The heat Seriously, I want to have babies with central heat.  We had baseboard heating at our apartment, and it’s a pain to try and, you know, not set the house on fire with that (was their a point in college were I did manage to burn a bunch of things on the baseboard?  There’s a chance.  But the pillow with scorch marks is gone, so we’ll never know…)

We did dinner at our old place before we left to spend the night at the new place (lack of fridge at the new house…)



And salad


Nothing fancy, but it was delicious.

When we got to our house I had some fanciness


I mean, first night in your first house, it calls for good wine, right?  We had this wine tasting once and it’s good.  There’s one Fred Meyer in Portland that sells it (and I think maybe one other place), but we happen to live right by the only one that does!

Plus flourless chocolate cake from Baker & Spice

DSCN4388So good-it’s a cute little mini one.  And only 3.50, so I’m pretty sure I can have one every day and not feel bad about it.

I think they’re going to be directly responsible for any weight I gain in the next six months.  I’m ok with that.

We curled up in the bed on the floor (because right now there aren’t any chairs or couches!) and watched half of the The Devil Wears Prada (The fiance foolishly let me pick the movie 🙂 )

And then I was up.  All.  Freaking.  Night.  with crazy allergies.  They were bad all day yesterday, and once I’m laying down I just can’t breathe.

Which means I have some sexy sexy dark circles under my eyes.

I almost took a picture.  Then I realized it’s probably better for my ego to not take pictures of myself when I look like death.  Just imagine what I’d look like if I’d been punched in booth eyes.  Yeah, that dark and puffy.

I’m watching little blogger baby again today-for those of you who asked, her family isn’t a vegetarian, but her mama is feeding her all sorts of wonderful things.  Her daddy actually won’t eat tofu.

Needless to say, a lack of sleep and a busy baby means I needed some caffeine.  Know what I really love that I’m pretty sure is all chemicals?  Gas station lattes.


One of those, plus hummus and toast.  Pretty sure that’s a good balance.  Hummus, whole grains, and chemicals.  Yum!

Oh, and I will get up some outside pics of the house soon-Diana asked me about it, and I realized I haven’t really put any up!

For now, I need help on something…. Our house has three living rooms.  One is upstairs, by the kitchen, so we’re calling it the living room.  One seems to be a TV/media room, so we’ve been calling it the media room…. But the last one, we have no clue what to call it!  It’s on the lower level (with the media room, the laundry, a bathroom, and Jesus’s room), has the door to the carport, and is where the stairs are…. Currently all it holds is bookshelves, I’m thinking my sewing machine may find a home there too. Any suggestions?  Right now its “…that room… you know, the one downstairs.  Not the media room” which long run isn’t going to work.

Any ideas?