The Terrorists Won.

Important recent things in my life:

1. Went to Walmart two days before Christmas.

The terrorists have won.

We don’t live near a Walmart, so we never go (I’m not above Walmart, let’s not lie. Sometimes a girl needs elastic waist pants. But I’m not going to drive a half hour for some)  and we’d forgotten the majesty that a SuperCenter can be

Yeah, that’s a woman with a bleached mullet in footie pajamas and fake uggs.

Seriously guys, the terrorists won.


2. Went to Bend because it’s awesome. Evidence:

beer + sandwich at GoodLife is $9 before 4 on weekdays. Good beer + a bacon panini. For cheap.  Love it.

(Andrea btw rocks at Bend beer recommendations.)


3. Justin Beiber wrapping paper.

It’s real.


4. Baby Brother got the best Christmas present EVER

you’re welcome Baby Brother.


5. It’s 2012. Bitches.

9 responses to “The Terrorists Won.

  1. Is that really a suitcase full of money!? Ones?

  2. Oh, and p.s. that lady’s outfit is nasty.

  3. Lol, Walmart is proof the terrorist won! Wont find hardly an xmas decoration at Walmart..

  4. I love your stealth “People of Walmart” photo.

  5. I’ve missed your blog! I am cracking up over that lady’s outfit, snazzy!

  6. Every time I have gone to the Eastport Plaza Wal-mart, I have seen someone being taken away in handcuffs. EVERY TIME. I am filing away that part about Good Life for the next time I make it to Bend!

  7. I LOOOOOOOOOOOATHE walmart! whenever my family drags me there, I stay in the car hahaha (unless of course if I need a good laugh…walmart shoppers ARE the best)

  8. Someone needs to tell Sarah Kelsey that a mile south of the Eastport Plaza one, there is a “nice” Wal-Mart. I was there this morning!

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