Cool Story Bro

…tell it again.

So, last year my husband attempted to buy me a new laptop for Christmas.

“No! Mine works fine!” I argued.

And so, three months later, my computer crashed.


This was a lesson in “when your husband wants to do nice things shut up and let him do them”

So this fall, again, my husband wants to replace my now twice crashed laptop.

I look at the 11 inch Macbook Airs and I love them. I want them to be part of my family.

But, the washing machine has been occasionally not working.

So I say “no, let’s just get a new washer and dryer instead”*

We look at consumer reports and pick one out. Buy it on Black Friday (we had a nice helper at Sears who let us call in to get the deal, so it was just a phone call at 4 am, not a stupid line! Win!)

And last Friday what do I do?

Drop my laptop.


I am why we can’t have nice things.


*note to everyone: washers and dryers are only an ok gift if your spouse tells you to buy them one. Otherwise they aren’t a present.

4 responses to “Cool Story Bro

  1. Referring to your asterisk – I think that’s a good rule of thumb for anything that’s designed to clean something. Mops, vacuums, dishwashers, etc. Unless I tell you I need it (or its sparkly) it doesn’t count!

  2. When my mom asked for a Christmas list this year (yes I am 25) I ALMOST told her that I wanted a shop vac. Then I realized that I would rather gather popcans from garbage cans to buy a shop vac than unwrap one on Christmas day.

  3. Yes, vacuum cleaners are also only acceptable if requested. Otherwise wife gets mad and husband is in big trouble!

    I can’t have nice things either- husband makes rules for me around the laptop since I like to act like it’s my food tray sometimes.

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