I’ve been terrible at posting.

And I’m going to follow up not posting with a super self-indulgent post.

It’s my blog, I do what I want.

So, I lost some weight. I have nothing interesting to say about it so I haven’t blogged about it, but now my pants don’t fit.

Which is sad because I hate shopping for pants.

And there are better things I’d like to spend my money on.

Like ice cream.

I’ve debated investing in enough ice cream to make my old pants fit again. But that’s probably not the best choice.

So I’ve been looking at thrift stores.

Here are the problems with that.

1. I live in Portland. Full of hipsters. Hipsters thrift. So things get picked over.

2. I am the most average sized woman. There was a time when I was super skinny and it made shopping awesome. Way better pickings when you’re a size 2 instead of a size 8.

3. I like looking for weird things at thrift stores. Not practical things.

4. I’m cheap. I am not going to pay $8 for old navy jeans. And thrift stores will price ish like that.

You put those together and thrift store visits result in buying oh…


for your husband

and this

so that no one will ever want to get in your pants again. Best dollar I’ve ever spent.

And pro-American holiday sweaters and frumpers are awesome and all, but it still left me with no pants.

But, I work at a church these days. Jesus and I are tight. And at youth group the other night when I was hiking up my pants for the 10th time he was like “yo Kalin. Give it another go. Cause right now you’re dangerously close to showing middle schoolers your underwear”

So today, I hit up the salvation army and found

Priced reasonably too! I found a pair of 7s and a pair of Rock & Republics (sadly not my size) for $7. New favorite store.

And this salvation army had a whole section of religious stuff. Which means I also got this
I’m wearing it to National Catholic Youth Conference next month.

Thank you Jesus!

And thank you Salvation Army. You’re my new favorite thrift store.



4 responses to “Thrifty

  1. Well congrats on weight loss–even if it means buying more pants. I hate jeans shopping, too. I do most of my shopping online, and currently have a stack of pants and shoes waiting to be returned (okay, two pairs of pants=a stack), because, grr, sizing is the weirdest thing ever.

  2. Your hair looks so long!!! Very pretty 🙂

    Congrats on your weight loss!

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