Bachelorette Lessons

My dear darlin’ friend Liz is getting married next month. Last weekend we had her bachelorette. And we learned some things

1. Sometimes the nice people at the sour beer place don’t quite hear what you ordered and you end up with TWO tastes of every single beer they have.
But you’ll be too busy taking pictures of the pretty drinks to care.

2. There are food carts located conveniently close to the barrel house to help soak up the beer

3. Vegetarian friends will be excited when there’s poutine with meat-free gravy.

(Becca, if you’d just move to Portland you could have it EVERY DAY)

4. Fried pie is always a good choice

and the sort of girl who will share fried pie with you post-fried food lunch is the best sort of girl (yay Rachel!)

5. I know some super pretty ladies

6. Becca (the fantastic matron of honor!) brings the best dresses for Liz to wear (Liz is the disco ball in the middle of us. How great is that dress?)

7. Five hour energy drink is the worst

(This may win the prize of “ugliest picture of me I’ve ever blogged”. And that says a lot)

8. Having pretty cocktails means you’re classy ladies

9. Even if later on you attempt to push the bride to be in a shopping cart.

10. There’s a karaoke “I’m on a Boat”.

I know this because I’ve now done karaoke “I’m on a boat”.


(Most of these pics were taken by our beloved Matron Becca, who is awesome)

Happy almost-wedding Liz! I promise to not feed you quite as many shots at your wedding.


7 responses to “Bachelorette Lessons

  1. WAH we were given too much beer!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That looks like a great night! Food carts FTW!

  2. Poutine looks off the chain. I need this.

    The 5 hour energy picture. i love you.

  3. is poutine the same thing as disco fries???? fries, cheese, gravy? I freaking love it!

  4. Haha, sounds like a blast–especially your (or someone’s) choice of karaoke song ๐Ÿ˜€ Fab dress indeed! I love shiny things, so I’d totally rock that.

  5. i freaking LOVE bachelorette parties. So much bonding time..over the toilet

  6. Hehe, looks like a fun bachelorette party!!

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