My family, being the most All American half Canadians you’ll ever meet, spent Labor Day weekend Kamping.

Yeah, with a K.

We stayed at a KOA? And they seem to be run by someone who really likes the letter K. We were in a Kabin. My parents? In a Kottage.

It was Klassy.

While Kamping we did lots of Kamping type things. Like bike rides

(That’s on the historic highway state trail that we ran on when we were in Hood River a few months back)

(The Gorge is pretty btw)

And wine tasting with temporary tattoos!

The KOA had a $2 all you can eat pancake breakfast every morning. With coffee.  It also had trains running by it all night, and a pool full of poorly supervised children! But let’s focus on the positives. Cheap carbs and caffeine.

Blackberries currently being ripe and growing all over so we picked some and added them to the ‘cakes (‘kakes?)
(Fun story: I rode my bike before everyone else was up in attempt to go to a spot by Charburger where I’d found amazing berries the day before. I found a homeless man sleeping standing up, propped up by a stump in my way. Awkward.)

(and I saw him move, so he wasn’t dead.)

But the real highlight of Kamping?
Klassy beverages.


You haven’t lived until you’ve heard your mom talk about how delicious Four Loko is.

It pretty much made my life komplete.


5 responses to “Kamping.

  1. I feel like my life is Komplete having read this post!

    I’ve never stayed at a KOA but it sounds Kool and stellar. I’m jelllz.

  2. next year: camping in bend. instead of kamping is kaskade locks.

  3. Hilarious! I especially liked, “I saw him move, so he wasn’t dead.”

  4. You look so tan girl 🙂 It makes me sad that winter is coming.

  5. Haha, this post is cracking me up, I love it! Kamping is always quite klassy 😀 I could definitely go for some all-you-can-eat pancakes though!

    And I adore your ideas for my weekend–bread making was definitely already in the plans, but now I definitely need to add a thick veggie soup (especially if it stays gray and rainy).

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