Marriage is Awesome and you go to the Beach.

We were on the coast to celebrate our wedding’s birthday. Which meant my husband had to take me out to dinner. Marriage is awesome.

Since we were in a tiny town, dinner options were limited.

Sure, we weren’t that far from other places but driving = one of us staying sober. And everyone knows sobriety is NOT how you stay in love.

But we were across the street from one of the only restaurants in town, Pacific Way Cafe. Which actually had really stellar reviews. Which is good because the other options were McMenamin’s or something called “Great Wall Restaurant and Lounge”

It’s also the town bakery in the morning. Which meant redic bread baskets
Three types of bread. Because you need variety in your carb consumption.

I honestly don’t get the people who give advice like “ask for no bread basket to save calories!”

Do they hate life? Joy? Happiness?

I ate my bread.

And my Cesar salad
For an entree I had halibut


The green beans with it were legit. Fresh and delicious and totally balanced out the fact that I’d just had a bread basket and mashed potatoes and a salad coated in cheese.

Eating in a restaurant with a bakery attached means you have to order dessert.

Strawberry tart for the husband
And creme brulee for me. Because my husband is a weird face and doesn’t like creme brulee.
Whatevs, more for me.

Post dinner we realized we clearly had more drinking to do. So we went to the one grocery store in town, and found some bubbly. And took it to the beach.
True story btw: room temp bubbly out of the bottle is hard to drink. Too many bubbles.
We persevered.

Watched the sun go down
And my husband took what is possibly my new favorite picture of us

Which he entitled “#marriageisawesomeandyougotothebeach”

Seriously, if you’re my facebook friend you can see, that’s the caption.

Cause marriage is awesome. Especially after a bottle of lukewarm bubbly.



9 responses to “Marriage is Awesome and you go to the Beach.

  1. I want to be bffs with you guys. And eat that cheesy bread. That is RIDIC!

    Who doesn’t like creme brulee!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! The bread looks amazing. I want bread.

  3. What can’t lukewarm alcohol make better? And happy anniversary! You and the hubs are quite adorable. And I don’t understand the not getting bread thing either–if you’re going for health, just don’t eat out! And if I’m out, I sure AM going to enjoy that meal and everything to do with.

  4. “Do they hate life? Joy? Happiness?”
    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  5. Lukewarm bubbly is equal to tonic that was opened 3 days ago but you’re so desperate that you use it anyways.

    Literally…my night tonight. 🙂

  6. I eat all the bread in the bread basket … and then ask for more 🙂

  7. Can’t believe it’s been a year! 🙂 you always post the best breAd photos!

  8. i gotta say, creme brulee is kinda weird.

  9. Ha! Who needs champagne glasses! And you are correct, life is way too short to skip the bread basket!

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