So, still recapping a trip from a month ago. I win at blogging.

But friends, I wanna tell you about two of my favorite places on the Oregon Coast.

We don’t have real beaches here. They aren’t sunny and warm and happy like you think of when someone says “beach”. They’re rainy and cold and for the most part only very determined six year olds actually go in the water. But we still have fun little towns on them.

We moved from Astoria over to Gearhart. Gearhart is a super tiny town, which as the perk of being absurdly quiet and peaceful

There is one bakery in town. Our hotel was across the street from it. Winning. The vegetables on my tart balance out the puff pastry, right?
If you’re an oregonian Gearhart being so chill is weird because just a few miles down the road is Seaside.

Seaside is touristville. You can rent those stupid bikes that hold 6 people, eat your weight in taffy, feed seals at the crappiest aquarium I’ve ever been to, buy shirts saying “Lifeguard” at the $12.99 store, and ride a carousel.

Seaside doesn’t half-ass the tacky, and I love it for that.

Because honestly, we aren’t too good for Seaside, we rode bikes there (Our hotel had bikes you could use for free. Rad. And my darling husband tried to crash his into me on Highway 101. There was blood. Not kidding)

There was a new ridiculous in the best possible way store in Seaside that sold chocolate covered everything
Bacon? Oh yeah, in multiple flavors.

And chocolate covered poptarts. And chocolate covered nutter butters. And chocolate covered marshmallows.
Seaside is popular with families, so the chocolate covered everything store (actually called The Buzz) had a big line. What’s a family vacation without chocolate covered twinkies?

We gave in. And bought fudge
Six flavors of fudge.

It tasted like the world’s most delicious diabetic coma.

So tourist traps? Love ’em or judge ’em?

Given the number of sweatpants in our home from the $12.99 store (because you ALWAYS need hot pink sweats that say “Oregon” on the booty) I clearly love ’em.


7 responses to “Touristy

  1. I love beach-side tourist traps 😀 And why do they ALWAYS sell fudge? Not that that’s a bad thing, just a curious thing…And I want that croissant! I haven’t had a real bakery croissant in ages.

  2. I love fudge. I’m always tempted to buy it whenever I go anywhere until I remember I have like 2 tupperwares full of it in my fridge.

  3. Love the Oregon coast…but only in August 😉

  4. ZOMG the fudge from Seaside!!!!!

  5. Heh.. we went to Seaside the other day but stuck with taffy from the seaside candyman.. the best. It was alright being in touristville because we were with a kid… and it was actually WARM. I was shocked.

  6. Any excuse to eat and I love it! Honestly…how long did that fudge last?!?

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