No Excuse.

Hey friends!

Remember when I blogged?

Yeah, me neither.

I’d give excuses about “being busy” but seriously? I read a book last week entirely because it boasted on the cover “by the author of The Princess Diaries!”

Clearly if I have time to read books that deep I’m not super busy.

But I was busy, and then I was decompressing and attempting to not kill my garden and buying unnecessary dresses.

But I have done a lot since I last blogged, so let’s play catch up shall we?
The husband and I went to the coast for our anniversary last month. Which sounds all cute and romantic or whatever but seriously? We went because he had a meeting in Astoria. Fun!

Astoria is super old. It has historical stuff. And a brewery. I’ll give you a dollar if you can guess which of those two things we spent more time at
Yup, the brewery! History will be there later.

Ft George makes delicious beer. And it’s in cans so it’s extra sustainable. When you drink it you’re basically planting a tree.
(that my friends is a canning line)

Every day is Arbor Day in our house.

We stayed in the Commodore Hotel which seriously looks like it’s competing on America’s Next Ace Hotel. I mean that in a good way though-it was cute, and a fun mix of like, fishing nets and sleekness.

Plus you could rent Free Willy for free from the front desk (it was shot in Astoria!)

There was a cute little coffee shop attached to the hotel
I had to kill time while the husband was doing his work stuff so I grabbed lunch from it
I like sandwiches with bacon, and they like me back. It also had chicken, pesto, and avocado.

It was delicious. Although I didn’t eat lunch until almost 3, and I’d swam for like an hour (another time killing device-the town aquatic center!) so my arm would’ve been equally tasty at that point I bet.

I wandered Astoria a bit while killing time as well and found a store with this
Not sketchy!

I refrained from buying any. But just barely.

I’ll maybe be back to blogging regularlyish now-it’s my last week of working for the summer.

Plus I am getting a wisdom tooth out tomorrow so I’ll have cool painkillers, which I think will make my writing even more manic and less coherent!  Yay!


7 responses to “No Excuse.

  1. Brewery over historical stuff any day of the week 😀 And I like sandwiches with avocado, so I would have been cool with eating at that coffee shop, too. And I look forward to more regular-ish posts from you! Especially drugged-up posts 😀

    And you really should give canning a go! I’d love to have you participate in our link up. And canning tomatoes is totally worth it, nothing is better than *real* tomato/tomato product in the middle of the winter, ’cause you know you won’t get it at the grocery store.

  2. oh, man, I can’t believe you didn’t take advantage of that expired medicine. (is that even legal to sell? – at the clinic we have a “free” area in the dispensary, and it’s only available to staff, not patients) anyway, Citrucel for a buck, that is all kinds of awesome.

    I love Astoria… my brother has a bridge phobia so I like to drive him over that one… 😀

  3. Hahaha! Expired medicine is 50% off???! That is hilarious.

  4. I’m not sure how you resisted buying those meds. Such a steal.
    I’m getting a wisdom tooth pulled next Monday… so I will soon feel your current pain. It’s a good excuse to drink lots of milkshakes, though.

  5. If I weren’t so socially awkward (thanks Portland) I’d talk like you write and I’d never be anxious about going to a party ever again.

  6. Yaaay! The great Kalin is back! 😀

    I don’t know what you call it, but that red thing in the brewery looks like a pig.

  7. LOL – expired medicine!!!!??? Yikes!!!

    Good to hear from you!

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