Medal Worthy

Thanks for all the half congrats! Two other lovely local bloggers ran it too, so yay Oregonians.

Like I said in my recap, more things in life should involve medals.

And today there were so many things that deserved a medal that I had to share:

1. I got my hairs cut
(totally different now right?)

I’d had um… one haircut in the past year? Not only did I get my scraggly ends trimmed, I scheduled my next haircut. When we all get medals, this will be the “dealing with split ends” one.

2.  After my haircut, I realized I had eaten a mini lara bar for lunch. And a banana for breakfast. Which meant I was about 5 minutes away from eating my arm. Thankfully, my haircut was just a few blocks from Whole Foods.

At Whole Foods I did the impossible
Salad bar for $4.23?!?

Sadly I didn’t take a picture pre-mastication because seriously, it was that salad or my arm.
But it was a real salad with like tofu and chicken and falafel and beets and spinach and other shiz.

Frugality at Whole Foods medal now plz.

3. I also found this adorable cupcake at Whole Foods
Best part?

It’s vegan.

Medal to whoever in the Whole Foods bakery was like “know what we need? Vegan food that looks like animals!”

Because seriously, we do.

4. I got home from my haircut to find this in my porch
and I thought “weird, someone must’ve used a paper box to mail a package”

It’s paper. Thanks brothers.

Medal to them for gift giving. And for being brain twins because I’ve been telling my husband I’m buying him printer paper for our anniversary

(and I suppose medal #5 would be that I’ll have been married for a year this Sunday! Madness)

What do you deserve a medal for today?


12 responses to “Medal Worthy

  1. That is the best gift I have ever seen, I can’t believe it’s almost been a YEAR! Andy and I need to be your couple friend bffs.

    I love the haircut and the cupcake. Whole Foods wins!

  2. Whoever made that cupcake is brilliant. It reminds me of a blogger who made raw vegan ice cream sandwiches that were in the shape of a pig’s face. People like that surely deserve medals.

  3. That is the funniest and yet practical anniversary present ever. Love it.

    So was the pig just one big glob of frosting (not that there’s anything wrong with that)?

  4. Your brothers are awesome. And so are you – so proud of you and Josh for running a half marathon!

  5. I deserve a medal for not yelling at my dental hygienist today. I got in with a lady that is not my usual, and she was brutal, and kept stabbing me with the metal dental poky thing.

    Your hair cuts look/sound very similar to mine 🙂

    Also, I am loving that a vegan cupcake looks like a pig. That made my day!

  6. That cupcake is awesome! And your brothers are adorable. 🙂

  7. Love it! And congrats on one year–paper is definitely more practical than some of the other anniversaries 🙂 Think of all the flyers you can now make!

    And I deserve a medal for getting up and going to work for the first time after vacation…never an easy task.

  8. OMG. I didn’t even think about the pig on the VEGAN cupcake….ahahahahah hilars!

  9. How in the world did you manage to get your salad from WF so cheap?!? Lordy. When I go, it seems like I can’t get anything under a pound.

    The cupcake is priceless. And your hair looks fantastic!

    Congrats on a year. Hope you did something fun to celebrate.

  10. I deserve a medal today for pitching an article I really want published without taking “no” for an answer. The editor finally got the point tha tI really do want it published.

    hope you’re well! It’s been more than a week since you’ve posted, Kalin. Come back! 😀

  11. I love that cupcake! Ha!

    Kind of ironic that its vegan and…a pig, eh?

    ps: Just found your blog!

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