Cars man, why?

So, I told you guys a few weeks ago, I got a bike to ride to work.

Well, summer employment started so guess what I did
No makeup + iPhone self portrait = sexy.

Not going to lie, given that I can count on one hand the bike rides I’ve taken in the past decade I was skeptical of my ability to actually ride to work.

So, I did the wise adult thing.

Ride the route on a day I don’t have to go to work? Got a pump in case I got a flat? Bought a stylish reflective vest?

Nah, I bribed myself
There’s a bagel store AND a doughnut store en route to work. I promised myself that if I didn’t wimp out and get on a bus I could buy breakfast with my bus fare.

Carbs beat laziness every time.

Riding to work was fabulous. My summer job is 3.75 miles from my house, so it’s not super far. And most of it is a nice straight trip down Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, which is pretty flat, and has bike lanes. Winning.

(I tried to find a picture of the road. Only picture I find? Of where the bike lane disappears. Of course.)

Although, lesson learned, my trip there I found myself thinking how it felt like a nice, gentle downhill the whole way.

That’s because it was. Home was totally all uphill. But mostly not steep, so hey, could’ve been worse.

And I think riding to work makes me a better Oregonian. It’s only a matter of time before I’ll be doing this

(With the hat. And the whistle.)


6 responses to “Cars man, why?

  1. That’s my favorite clip from Portlandia. It’s TOTALLY Portland in every where. And I often wish I had a whistle on my bike commutes to work. 🙂

    Good for you getting out there. I’d be terrified to bike on the BH Highway but it’s cool they have bike lanes!

  2. I don’t have a drivers license, I don’t need it!

    I love Portlandia. wow, I’m sometimes afraid to DRIVE on BHH, let alone ever get out there on a bike – well done, girl. I love your bagel bribe.

  3. Can I describe how happy I am to see a Portlandia clip pop up? Probably not–but I’m pretty darn happy 😀 I find carbs to be an excellent motivator as well–if I get up and get myself going, I can grab a panera bagel and PB on my way to work, excellent way to stay on time! And CONGRATS on biking, it feels so good to not have to drive (or bus) to work, wish I could still do it.

  4. I love the carb bribe. Genius.

  5. Ohhh i miss having a bike! I think I’d bike down to a bakery too if I still had one! 😛

  6. Very random … but …

    You have perfect teeth.

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