Meet Mitzi!

This pretty thing is my new bike!
I have named her Mitzi, as she’s a Mixte frame.

My summer job is a nice straight shot from our house (fairly flat! with bike lanes!) so Mitzi is going to be my friend getting me to work.

(And if Mitzi and I don’t get along, there’s a bus that runs most of the way to work as well so that I won’t be stranded. Wins for everyone!)
I grew up riding bikes in the desert, so a road bike just seems so dainty to me. Such baby tires!

Now, I just have two important things to do:

1. Get over my fear of riding in traffic

2. Remember how to ride a bike. It’s been a while. Gears confuse me.

(Bliss is ready to coach me!)


12 responses to “Meet Mitzi!

  1. Love the bike! We bought cheapo Schwinns for down there but I will need a basket. That one’s awesome (and HUGE)!

  2. awww – cutie kittie in the bike basket!!

  3. I love the red! I just bought my first road bike, but the color options were bad. I ended up with white.
    Make sure you lock it up nice and well.. bike thefts are rising fast.

  4. so so cute! kitty in a bike basket. Woohoo!

  5. I am so terrified of riding in traffic! I hope you post about your experiences… I need to be inspired by people starting from scratch (rather than the uber-cyclists I work with).

  6. Nice bike! I’d get one, but I am similarly afraid of riding in traffic, and don’t see myself getting over that any time soon. Plus, the ride to work has no shoulders/sidewalks–eek! Glad you have an adorable coach 😀

  7. I’d love to be able to ride my bike to school/work, but the roads around here are barely friendly enough for /cars/. And for most of the year it’s impossible to do anything physical outside without putting yourself in physical danger…either from slippery snow or heat stroke. But if I ever move back to the West Coast that bike in my utility room may hit the road for the first time in 5 years!

  8. Nice job!! Glad you got a bike. How far is work from your house?

  9. Yay, bike! I just got one too and had to remember how they work. 27 gears! Yikes.

  10. Oh my gosh – I don’t even use gears. I just keep it somewhere in the middle and ride on! Haha … it baffles my triathlete husband!

  11. To be honest as a driver now, I get annoyed with bikers! Just be careful with less generous drivers like me, ok? And wear a shirt that has a middle finger on the back, just in case some immature drivers want to bully you.

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