The Epic Hike


Across Suttle Lake from our campground there Lake Creek Trail goes to Camp Sherman It sounded like a nice hike.

(In my head, btw, Camp Sherman was an old West Town that had like… blacksmith demonstrations and stuff. It’s not. Sad times)

Here’s where the math gets fun.

The lake is about 3.5 miles around. Getting to the other side = 1.75 miles.

The trail was allegedly 4 miles, but it turned out to be longer.

Putting us over 6 miles. And if you’re me, the whole “coming back will take the same number of miles” didn’t register. So 6 is the TOTAL hike.

And, turns out the trail doesn’t take you to Camp Sherman. It takes you near. Where you get on another trail.

See where this is going?
We had a pretty, but long long hike.

When we actually got to Camp Sherman this is what my friendly garmin told me

7.39 miles.

We went to the one and only store in town (sadly not a blacksmith shop)  and ate the lunch of champions
Artichoke dip, trail mix, and PBR.


And then, on our way back, things got more ridiculous.

First up, if you’ve been moving for 3 hours, beer hits in pretty quick.

(Especially when you work on finishing off the sixer on the trail)
(It happens.)


We’re walking in the middle of nowhere. What do we see ahead of us on the trail?

A dog.
We look around for her owner.

No one.

Just the craziest dog I’ve ever seen.

She ran in circles around while we tried to look at her tags. There was a name (Libby) and a PDX phone number.

I got a little sad when we saw her phone number because this dog was so dumb I thought perhaps the simple dog from Hyperbole and a Half was lost again.

(simple dog lives in Bend. It could happen. I dream big)

I feed her, and that cemented in her tiny dog brain to follow us. We hiked a few miles with the world’s craziest dog scampering in and out of sight.

Then, when taking a picture of our canine friend, I realized I suddenly had phone service.

In the woods. Go figure.

I called the number on her tags and talked to a woman who was thrilled we’d found the dog. Which is good because we were less than thrilled at the prospect of figuring out what to do with this creature.
She explained that Libby had chased a deer into the woods and they’d been searching for her.

We agreed to meet up at the lake. I hung up.

And then two deer ran across the path in front of us.

Followed by Libby.


We chased her down and a little further up the trail, found campers who gave us some rope to use as a leash.
Libby was not happy.

But we got her safely back to her owner.

And we got back to our yurt, 14.5 miles later, and settled in with some much needed hydration
And that, my friends, was our epic hike. Over 5 hours long, drinking in the woods, and finding a dog.

I’m not sure if the moral of this story is that I should hike more, or never hike again. But it’s one of the two.


9 responses to “The Epic Hike

  1. The owner must have been SO relieved. What are the odds that anyone would come across a dog in the middle of the woods?

  2. I particularly like the post-workout fuel and the fact that you imbibed in Oregon’s Finest (that I currently use as slug bait, by the way).

    On a side note, last year when we were in Bend with another couple we went for a hike that was supposed to be a quickie and shorty and ended up getting lost and hiking a lot further and hours longer than planned. Oooops!

  3. LOL,it looks like it says lol on the riesling. Or maybe it’s just me. Love the Hyperbole and a Half reference so so much.

    I would have passed out from that much hiking.

  4. There must be something about camping in Central Oregon and finding lost dogs! Something similar happened to us on our Bend area trip. Glad you were able to get Libby back even after she tried to chase MORE deer.

  5. Awesome hike!! I haven’t gone on a hike in a very long time … I need to get out this summer.

  6. Hahaha! That is one silly dog. I’m glad you found her, the lucky owner! Guess the dog won’t be out on a walk for some time.

  7. i like your wine choice.

  8. Awesome hike! How lucky for the dog and the owners that you guys are so responsible and dog friendly to get the dog back home.

  9. lol. this is so funny I cannot stop laughing.

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was simple dog!! I love hyperbole and a half and think every similar dog I see is it. Probably not likely to happen in the bottom of Australia though:)

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