Into the Wild

Hey Friends!

Guess where I’ve been?

That’s right, the woods.
The husband and I spent Memorial Day like true ‘mericans. Camping.

We went to Link Creek Campground, on Suttle Lake. It’s not terribly far from Sisters, in Central Oregon.

Life lessons: camping in Oregon in May is COLD. Thankfully, we had a yurt
Baby Brother tried to tell me about the yurt he stayed in at Glacier National Park, and how it had electricity and Wifi.

But we were in Oregon. We’re really outdoorsy here. We had a wood stove
Which was rad honestly.

And not just because making fires makes me happy.

(We also had no cell reception! Who knew such a thing existed!)

The lake was redic

All of Central Oregon is kinda redic really. I adore Bend a lot.

Our first night involved some rain (which was oh so shocking for Oregon Spring. We learned on our trip that real oregonians take shelters to cover their table and firepit so they can be outside in the rain. Hadn’t occurred to us) , so we had our super fancy camping meal inside the yurt

That little plastic cup? Wine. Klassy.

Also, life lessons, cans of pork and beans are amazing when you add sriracha.

Thankfully, we woke up to sunshine the next day. We had oatmeal


(I’m a REAL BLOGGER sometimes and eat my oats!)

Did a pretty run around the lake

And then set off on a hike so epic it’s going to get it’s own post tomorrow.


Camping, you a fan? Someone I went to college with called it “glorified homelessness”. Which I suppose is kinda true.

But I like drinking in the woods.


10 responses to “Into the Wild

  1. It looks like a GREAT place to camp! I love yurts. They are so much fun. I am not a rain camper though so I usually wait until summer is totally here before I start camping.

  2. we don’t have yurts around here, and it makes me sad! they look so fun.

  3. I’m so excited to see more posts! I love camping. I haven’t had the yurt experience yet, but after my spring break trip to a deserted BLM campground I am kind of obsessed with doing that again. I want to know where all of the $5 BLM campgrounds are!

  4. i like yurt camping. but more so when there is wifi. real camping has wifi and starbucks nearby.

  5. I *will* camp, and, apparently I have all the gear. Can’t say we’ve done much of it though except for one horrendous night after the Dave Matthews’ concert. that one doesn’t really count.

    You missed an awesome night with me and Lisa. Next time! I think we’ll make a John’s run or we can all meet at the EastBurn (I haven’t been there but I’m obsessed with their menu).

  6. I want to go camping. I’m super jealous. I’ve never been in a yurt!

  7. How have I not heard of a yurt until now!!!??? SO cool!

  8. camping? running? You have changed my friend…for the better? At least you still get drunk!

  9. It’s been ages since I’ve been camping. I think I might be able to hack it at this point if we stayed in a yurt. And of course, with the help of beer (or wine). Lots of beer. Yay for no cell reception!

  10. I was doing a google search for Suttle Lake in order to provide a link for it on my blog post about a camping trip I went on this week. It brought me to your post which I couldn’t resist clicking on due to the title of your blog. I’m a big eater. A big runner and hiker and all that, too, but a big eater first and foremost. I’m enjoying your posts and just wanted to say hello to a fellow Portlander who’s not afraid to post photos of Clark Bars. Nice.

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