I’ve come to some realizations this past weekend

I realized too late if you run 10 miles*, a normal lunch isn’t going to cut it and you will end up ordering nachos the size of a small child for dinner

Plus a burger that I’m fairly sure used about half a cow. And bacon, just for good measure.

And a salad. Because between the running and the salad you can totally justify the rest of your meal.

And I realized no matter how many baby-sized plates of nachos you eat, when you get home you still need dessert
It happens.

I also realized that helping in my community is awesome. Mostly because my weekend volunteering at Springfest in my ‘hood resulted in this
Free beer. In a parking lot. On a Sunday evening.

I heart community service.

I also realized that when I drink my small-town roots show and I want to make fires.

And if I’ve been drinking I may also want to make s’mores. True story: if you have no chocolate bars, no marshmallows, and no graham crackers your s’mores dreams don’t have to die. You just end up doing this
Those are charred peeps. With the ear of a chocolate bunny shoved in them.

It happens.

And when you’re drunkenly eating molten peeps I’ve realized if you have a loving husband like mine he’ll laugh, tell you that you look homeless, and then take pictures.

Thanks baby.

And most importantly I’ve realized I’ve got less than a week till my husband’s birthday. And since my birthday comes a week after that, I need to get him some killer presents to insure I get awesome ones. So it’s shopping time!

Happy Monday friends!

*Um yeah, I ran 10 miles. Madness. I get pissy if I have to drive 10 miles normally.

8 responses to “Realizations

  1. You are awesome!! Oh how I miss those days of justifying a healthy-sized portion of nachos by running double digits! And by healthy-sized I mean small child sized of course šŸ™‚

    And the fact that you made s’mores work with what you had just goes to show how creative you can be in certain situations. Now I want some s’mores!

  2. I ran 10 miles once when I was in high school…I think a container of trail mix the size of my then-tiny body disappeared later the same day šŸ˜®

  3. Roasted peeps? Genius (Hilarious homeless pic). And salad always balances out less healthy parts of a meal. Mmm, giant nachos.

  4. Hehe, yeah, I see the homelessness in your eyes šŸ™‚

  5. You are intense Kalin! I’m impressed.

    Dying at the peeps/bunny ear!

  6. 10 miles?! Actually, peeps and chocolate are a genius idea. You had all of the main components there.

    I always have room for dessert no matter what. I have an extra dessert compartment set aside.

  7. Good job on the 10 miles!! This post totally made me laugh! Charred peeps and homelessness šŸ˜‰ haha!

  8. omg. can’t believe you are running so much now!!! And everytime I drunk eat I think of you…thanks.

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