Bridge to Brews

Sunday we got up bright and early for Bridge to Brews

We’d had crappy rain all week, so I was beyond excited for clear skies. Clear skies are like crack to Oregonians.

Bridge to Brews starts by Widmer Brothers Brewing, takes you across the Fremont Bridge, through NW Portland, and back across the Broadway Bridge

(Fremont in front, Broadway is the red one behind it)

This is awesome, and the only time you can be on foot on the Fremont Bridge. The catch is that getting onto the bridge involves going uphill. Possibly not the most fun way to start a race.
But then you get a nice gradual downhill

The husband’s knee has been bugging him lately, so he walked down rather than run and piss it off more. This left me and baby brother to rock it out together
The husband caught up with us (fast husband!) but since his knee was still being lame (literally lame I guess…) he split again to do the 8k instead of the 10.

Baby brother and I stuck together for another mile or so, and then greyhound boy sped off.

(True story: sometimes, I see greyhounds, and text baby brother about it. He is generally not amused)

When I hit the Mile 5 sign I started trying to book it. That made me tired. Poor choice.

So I slowed down.

Then I thought I was near the finish, and started trying to book it. Turns out the finish was farther away. Poor choice.

I finally got to the end and found my brother and husband. Not cheering for me, mind you. They were arguing about times and missed me crossing. Thanks friends, thanks.

Chip time was 1:08 and some change (Baby Brother was 1:04).

Post race meant beer time!


Your stamp to prove you showed ID?

Keep Portland weird. And fearful of corporations. (We’re getting a R&R half next year. Apparently not everyone is excited?)

You were supposed to take 2 beers
My husband is a rebel. Or a drunkard.

We might have also went back for 2nds. It happens.


13 responses to “Bridge to Brews

  1. i did spokane river run yesterday and the course was about .3 short according to my garmin and there were so many downhills that im pretty sure i screwed up my knee. i feel your husbands pain.

    im excited about the Portland RnR! My one chance to run in portland.

  2. Great time! How bad was the line for food/beer? Last year I just left rather then stand in that line for 30 minutes.

    I’m also excited about RnR! I think we need one here, and its not taking a weekend away from any other race that I know of….. So yay!

  3. woo HOO – glad it was BEAUTIFUL weather for you guys! what an awesome run, since it’s BEER related I bet I could get Jason to run next year…

    and WHAAAT? I’m excited for Portland having the Rock n Roll…

  4. Awesome! You guys rocked. I almost did this race last year. I heard it was a fun one.

    We got lucky with a gorgeous weekend here. Sunshine is like crack to Oregonians! More! More!

  5. Great job!
    Seattle was SO excited to have the Rock ‘n Roll marathon. Since I’m not a runner, I don’t really care either way. I’m just glad I didn’t have to work it last year.

  6. You are awesome!!! So jealous of the beers afterward. I want one. Or five.

  7. OOoo, I have a love/hate w/ the RnR for Portland. It’s a city that should be weird. My beef with RnR are the high entry fees. Umm…don’t they know I like cheap fees and booze post-race? Apparently not.

  8. Beer after a race!!!!?? I love it.

  9. I kind of get why some peeps in Portland might be totally against having an RnR race there. But I’m sure there will be more than enough people who want to run it anyway. My first marathon was a RnR and it’s a cool first long distance race because the music and pace groups make it somehow easier to get through it. Or at least it did for me.

    I’m jealous that you got to run this race! Beautiful weather AND beer? Yes please! And I loved reading about your pre-race fueling. Awesome 🙂

  10. Wha–? They missed you crossing bc they were arguing?! How dare they. Kind of funny and infuriating at the same time. Hehehe.

  11. Dude. Awesome. My husband didn’t run the race, so he drank beer while he waited for us to finish. And then he had some more. Who said drinking beer at 9am is bad? I sure didn’t.

  12. wtf you speedy b*tch!

  13. I didn’t know R&R was coming here. I don’t see why anybody cares- sounds fun to me!

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