The Greatest Football Supporters

I’ve been a slacker on blogging. Been busy… Plus I might have accidentally bought too much on ebay and been trying to stay off the computer a bit.

And now since this is a food blog, I’m going to write about sports today.

Maybe I should’ve just kept slacking.

Last night was the home opener for the Timbers. They’re our local soccer team, and this year they’re part of MLS. It’s kinda a big deal around here.

The husband and I’s first kiss happened while tailgaiting before a Timbers game so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Plus, my husband likes soccer, and I like getting to yell profanity in public, so we had to go.

So we stood in a long line, in the rain, waiting for our seats

General Admission seems like a good idea until you do this.

Then we settled in. High class dinner
And I realized not wearing socks was the worst choice ever. My feet were soaked, and it was bad enough that this happened
Don’t judge, it helped my feet regain feeling for a while.

We scored!
Repeatedly. We we we so excited.

Ended up being 4-2, Timbers. If you ever watch soccer you know that is a LOT of scoring. You can watch entire games with no goals.

Here’s hoping the rest of the season is just as redic.

Normal posts again soon. Bridge to Brews this weekend!


5 responses to “The Greatest Football Supporters

  1. WOO HOOOO for the Timbers!! 😀 I was excited they won.

    Raccoon Lodge just recently was able to get the rights to the name “Portland Ale” and their beer is a tribute to the Timbers, with mascot Timber Joey on the label!!

    Jason and I’s first kiss was in the second sub basement of the building I used to live in… (the big brick one across from the Rose Quarter!) we were down there looking for the Shanghai Tunnel entrance…

  2. Love the high class dinner 🙂 You are my kind of people!

  3. I have a friend who is a big Timbers fan and frequently tells me he wants to take me to a game. Well, I also like to yell profanity in public, so maybe I should go!

  4. Bahaha ghetto feet! I’ve been eating hot dogs lately too…I blame the future hubs

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