is full of Crap

Around 11 today, I looked up the weather. I wanted to go on a run, and I figured at some point it would rain. told me it was going to rain around 2. So I had a snack, got my sneakers on, and was out the door by 11:45

About a mile in I felt some sprinkles.

Light rain is awesome. Bring it.

At about 2 miles I realized I could more or less cross “shower” off my to-do list when I got home. I was soaked.

And after 3.5 miles, I came home looking like I’d reverse wet my pants


See that light crotch? (sexy, you’re welcome) That’s the normal color of my shorts. Totally soaked.

At least now I can say I washed my hair today.
The first time I ran in the rain I felt like a total badass.

Now? Most of the time I just accept it as part of running in Oregon.

But if I’d know it was going to soak me this bad? I’d have stayed inside.

You a rain runner? I used to look at people outside in the rain and think they were nuts. Now, I realize sometimes it’s the only way you’re going to get a run in.

Also, I’ve been getting some running questions, and I’m going to do a post on ’em soon, so if you have any more leave ’em in the comments!


9 responses to “ is full of Crap

  1. ive ran in the rain a few times but i hate getting my shoes dirty so i avoid it as much as possible. rain running in the PNW = hypothermia one way or the other. just not cool. now rain runningin Hawaii = nice shower.

  2. UGH! I may be “PNW” to the core but I hate rain. It’s a bummer!

    When I was training for Hood to Coast last year my lunchtime runs were completely dictated by I OBSESSIVELY checked the forecast (like every few minutes) to see when I could take my lunch and run rain-free. It was so stressful and such a pain in the butt. I eventually gave up and just started running in the rain. It wasn’t THAT bad but it’s not my favorite.

  3. I would never run in the rain but I’m a spoiled Californian. Seriously wind is no problem but rain freaks me out.

  4. I prefer running in the rain – I love rain!!!!

  5. I don’t mind a sprinkle, and even that makes me feel like a badass…because I hate running in the rain. Mostly because I hate wet socks. So gross.

  6. Not a runner, my stupid knee’s hate me and wont’ let me. If I were a runner, I wouldn’t want to run in the rain. I have a feeling I’d still get cold somehow. Plus sloshy socks and shoes? Ew!

  7. Running in the rain pretty well bites. Especially if it’s cold and rainy. Balmy and schvitzing out is actually kind of nice in the summer. I ran a marathon a couple of years ago at Mt. Rushmore and it was 40 and raining and the worst experience ever. I think it’s given me PTSD and now I totally avoid running in the cold rain. It sucks!

  8. i ran in RAIN and WIND. and today wind advisory. #tigerblood

  9. I know what you mean about at first, thinking rain runners were nuts, and then realizing it does make sense out here. But I have noticed something that I only recently thought, “Hey, does this make sense?” which is late-night runners. When I come home from my night class, I am a little surprised at how many people I see out running in the pitch black 10pm darkness. Maybe that’s the only time they have free????

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