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I wrote a real post, but my camera and I are playing hide and go seek. The camera is winning.

So instead, I’d like to address To-Do lists.

I make one every weekday if I’m not working. I love them.

The only thing I love more than my lists? Crossing things off.

This leads to me making gigantic lists so I can feel the joy of crossing off LOTS of things.

This also leads to me splitting tasks up as much as possible. “Fold laundry” and “put laundry away” deserve to each get marked off. Sometimes even “put my laundry away” “put husband laundry away” “put towels away” and “sort socks” all go on the list.

It leads to me putting very basic things on there. “Shower” shows up frequently on it
My husband laughed when he saw this today “lunch is on your to do list?”

Laugh all you want husband but even with the potential of crossing something off….

I just sat down
For lunch. At 2:15. No excuse at all. So much for my whole “if it’s on my list I’m more motivated to do it!”

And it’s a gardenburger with carrot sticks. Not like it was hard to make.

I’m just lazy.

I also add things after I do them to my list. Then cross them off.

“Blog” is so going on there.

Who else is a to-do list maker?

11 responses to “Motivation

  1. I always put things like lunch, dinner, and shower on my to do list. Sometimes that last one doesn’t happen…

  2. What’s wrong with that? I love making lists. I write it ALL down just so I can cross it off. 🙂 In fact, if I do something extra that’s NOT on my To Do List, I will add it at the bottom and then cross it off. 😉 OCD much?

  3. Bleh, I just crossed “check mail” off my to-do list…and unfortunately “call my mother” is frequently on there as well!

  4. Big time list maker here. Funny how so much satisfaction can be made by simply drawing a line right?! I make to do lists, places to go lists, things to buy lists, people to call lists, groceries to buy lists, etc…practically need a list to keep up with them. Hehe

  5. I am totally a list maker, but then I never look at the lists after I make them. I think it sometimes just feels good to put it all out on paper.

  6. Ah, a fellow list-maker! I absolutely freaking love my lists. I scribble them everywhere and in what my husband likes to refer to as “micro handwriting.” Whatevs it works for me! Most recently I listed “shave legs” and “clip nails.” I am awesome.

  7. love love love me a list! my friends used to make fun of me bc i’d always put ‘clip nails, shower, gym, clean x-room, charge x-device, call so-and-so.’ such joy and comfort comes from crossing things off that sucker. i need to start adding ‘sit on ass for hours of bad tv’…that one tends to get done asap.

  8. I constantly make lists (and yes, they often involve items such as showering. I’ve even gone so specific as to sub-list that item to involve “wash hair” and “shave legs”). Checking things off just feels so good–I just like to think of it as celebrating small accomplishments 🙂

  9. hell yeah!! I write everything on a list…lunch isn’t on there though but Glenn laughs cause I write “check voicemail”

  10. I love this post because I am the same way. Lists rocks. And who cares if you add the to-do to the list after its been done? If you can cross it off and it makes the list look longer, that is a double bonus!!

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