One Last Giveaway reminder

Hey friends, last chance to enter the giveaway! I’ll draw it tomorrow!

And because posts are boring without pictures…

Proof that despite what nice people in my running group thing say, I don’t make running look effortless:
Sexy sweaty faced me post-run. So shinny I’m practically glowing.

And in a sports bra because I hate sweaty clothes so my shirt is ditched as soon as I get in the house. My husband is a lucky lucky man.

6.5 miles today!


4 responses to “One Last Giveaway reminder

  1. Good job on the 6.5 miles!!!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. I drug out 4 miles today. I never learn that I night out with the crew isn’t a solid foundation for running. Maybe one day when I’m 45 I’ll get the hint.

  3. 6.5! Awesome!!! Hills?

  4. 6.5 miles?!! I’m trying to get back into shape and I get to, like, a half mile and say, “I’m tired. Better not push it.” 2 is like a marathon. Why must you shame me? :p

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