This weekend on our hike (WHICH WAS A HIKE) we watched some of the Shamrock Run

The 15 k runs near our house.
We avoid running long distances near our house because the hills start up. More than 3 miles and you’re doing a lot of uphill.

These people were rocking out 9 miles. In the rain. Uphill.

Pretty fantastic.

(We might have not gotten around to signing up for the Shamrock before it sold out. Whoops).

But on happy running notes we’re signed up for Bridge to Brews and Baby Brother is coming to do it with us! Which means we get to run over the Fremont Bridge!

(Note: it’s depressing when your little brother complains about how he had taken time off running and was “so slow” when he started up again with his 12 minute miles. Our half pace group is 11 minutes. Thanks Baby Brother. I’m ready to see you kill my time next month)

Foot Traffic University is going great

(This is what you look like when it’s 8 am and you’re about to run 5 miles in the rain. And a really short person takes your picture. Sexy angles!)

I made a new friend this week. And by “new friend” I mean I had a lady tell me it looked effortless when I run. If you say nice possibly untrue things to me we’re besties.

I shared my running fuel with her
I hear some people eat things that are, you know, made for running or something on their runs. I on the other hand carry Dove Promises. I’m clearly a real runner.

Best part of running though?

When it’s 10 am and you’re sitting down to a post run breakfast
And feeling totally justified in being lazy and shoving food in your face the whole rest of the day. Love it.

Any races coming up for you?


16 responses to “Effortless

  1. Rain is great, in the summer! We live in a hilly area here too… Out the door not 200 meters exists a huge hill!
    I am beginning to enjoy morning runs

  2. I wish I looked effortless when running. I look like I’m dying. I’m going to sign up for a local 5k on April 17th and then try to run a 10k in May or June depending on how my body reacts. I want to be faster. An 11 min/mile pace would be rad.

  3. I would love to run Bridge2Brews – mainly because anything that ties athletic endeavor with substance abuse is clearly something for me. I think Hayley was eye-balling that one, but it’s so close (or something) that it might not work for her.

    Damn, to live in Oregon I’d be all over those races.

    So if you’re ever down in SoCal – you have a running buddy with me. And a drinking buddy. Because I’m a double friend like that!

  4. I’ll second Mrs. Wookie–I’d be glad to run with you if you’re in SoCal (especially if you are re-fueling with Doves….yum…). Getting good beer afterwards will be required 🙂

    • Foodbin, where you at down here in sunny Cali? We’re in Ventura County (thank you Uncle Sam’s Navy for this AWESOME station!). And I HEAR you on being a weather snob now. I’m still in love with Oregon’s rain, but anything below 65 I’m freeeeeezing. I even got sunburned last week = love.

  5. UGH …. Terwilleger…….!!

  6. thehungryscholar

    I avoid running altogether. So props to you. I would run for that breakfast though.

  7. I ran bridge to brews last year – it was a lot of fun! Plus it benefits the ALS Association. Plus, you get TWO beers afterwards, not just one. Suck it, Shamrock Run! Be warned, the first mile plus is a slow, steady incline up and over the fremont bridge and I took it too fast since it was the start of the race. I’m kinda hoping I’ll have the baby on April 17th to commemorate how out of shape I am a year later 🙂

  8. Ooh, maybe if I can get back into shape in time, we can run Pints to Pasta in September? Beer and carbs – a win win!

  9. yeah, 12 min for ONE mile. not like consecutive miles. Im going to DIEEEE running 10k! (and i signed up for the same start bracket)

    ps, its not very convincing us it really was a hike when you have to keep insisting that it was a hike.

  10. You are turning into a real live runner running in the rain and stuff. I love that you keep it authentic by bringing along chocolate as fuel. It is the perfect food, if you think about it.

  11. That’s a wonderful compliment! I love when strangers say nice things like that 🙂

  12. Ah yes, the Terwilliger portion of the Shamrock Run. I did that once, and it was POURING, gusty winds and ass cold. Never again. I thought Shamrock was way too big, and who wants CLAM CHOWDER after they run? Not I. Bridge to Brews is much better, and Pints to Pasta was always my favorite. That Paula knows what’s up.

  13. Haven’t been running lately…feet hurt too much 😦 that bridge probably has fantastic views!

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