Ash Wednesday

Hey friends!

It’s Ash Wednesday! Which means I’m rockin’ some sweet forehead smudges
They’re totally in this season.

I used to go to 6:30 am mass on Ash Wednesday growing up. While it was great in some ways it meant I inevitably had someone tell me “there’s something on your forehead!”

I’m not sure how I’d manage to get a big old black cross smudged across my forehead without noticing, but thanks everyone, thanks.

I go to evening mass now, which saves that fun.

Ash Wednesday also means no meat, and fasting.

Catholics have a very lose definition of fasting-it’s more or less “don’t eat quite as much as normal”. Here were my Ash Wednesday eats:

Breakfast was oat bran with a tablespoon of peanut butter thrown on so that I wouldn’t chew my arm off. Jesus wants you to keep both arms

Lunch was curry quinoa, spinach, and lentils
Because Jesus and I both love lentils

And dinner was the old Catholic staple (right behind fish sticks and Papa Murphy’s veggie pizza) of grilled cheese and tomato soup

Ash Wednesday also means that I, yet again, forgot to take last year’s palms to be burned
(They go back the Sunday before to be burned for the year’s ashes. I ALWAYS forget)

I’ve already been asked a few times… I don’t give up anything for Lent. I could give you a whole CCD lesson on why, but basically I work on adding things to my life, rather than subtracting . Going to Mass more, following the Church’s commands for abstaining from meat on Fridays, read a religious book or two (like my catechism I had out in the picture above!), things like that. Cause really, personally I’ve found that giving up candy doesn’t bring me closer to God. Which is, you know, kinda the whole point of lent….

You doing anything for lent?


8 responses to “Ash Wednesday

  1. oh my… I remember CCD. 🙂 Every. Wednesday. Night.

    not really observing Lent in the traditional way… more of a cleanse, loosely following a list of things that I want to focus on in the next few weeks…

  2. I remember CCD…wow.

    And one of the teachers spoke in tongues. Wow.

    Not religious, not longer Catholic. I totally forgot about Ash Wednesday.

  3. I like hearing about what other people do for lent, but my peeps don’t celebrate it.

    I like your approach to adding to life versus subtracting- totally makes sense.
    P.S. you have something on your face.

  4. I am protestant, not Catholic, so I am not doing anything for lent 🙂

  5. i like the idea of ADDING something to your life rather subtracting….and people use lent for dieting anyways!

  6. I’m not Catholic so nope, still feasting. 😉

    ” Cause really, personally I’ve found that giving up candy doesn’t bring me closer to God. Which is, you know, kinda the whole point of lent….”

    True. I like your view. 🙂

  7. i gave up the catholic tradition of giving up meat. cuz lets face it, i need all the food i can get.

    AND IM ADDING MORE RUNNING! I DID TWO DAYS IN A ROW. (and maybe skipped running today cuz it was raining and a wind storm)

  8. oooh ccd, such fun. the memories are flooding me now. love it.

    i’m the same; its hard to give things up, bc i know i’ll fail. i’ve already bombed on wed and fri bc i had deli meat on my sandwich at lunch. maybe not; that sh*t is pretty fake…1/2 fail?

    i’m going to try to pray more, like, every day. and not ‘please dont let today be terrible leaving me wanna lose it.’ real prayers.

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