I am Oregonian

I love Oregon.

We have trees and beer and delicious food.

Which are three of my favorite things.

The second part of our trip was all about those things.

In Hood River we, of course, like last year, had some drinks.

Honest pints at Full Sail
(We’re serious about these here. I’m still sad the honest pint legislation didn’t go through)

And at Double Mountain?


Sour. Delicious sour.

Sour beers are a newer trend. If you’re not a big beer drinker, this might be one you like. My sister in law says it tastes like Kombucha.

And since we live in Oregon, it’s full of amazing delicious local cherries. Heaven my friends.

(we tasted wine too but I took no pictures)

Hood River is also less lily-white than Portland, which means amazing Mexican food

And we had some Oregon grown huckleberries in our muffins at the B&B

After that breakfast we got our game faces on

(my husband clearly married me for my good looks)

And I got on my outdoor shirt
(I also wore it camping last fall. I have a terrible lack of scrubby clothes in my life. Like, I literally don’t own a sweatshirt. But my “I am Oregonian” shirt makes me feel outdoorsy. And it’s a bit more suited for camping and hiking than my typical cardigan and tank top combo.)

We went up to the top of Multnomah Falls

There were amazing views

And a platform thing to look over the falls.
Unless you’re a scardy cat like me. Then you stand back and take pictures of your husband.


What’s your favorite part of your state?

(If you live in Oregon “living in the same state as Kalin” is a legit answer)


8 responses to “I am Oregonian

  1. Mmm… sour cherry gose. YUM! I think I commented something about Cascade Brewing and The Barrel Room the other day? That’s what they do SO well… sour beers…

    I love Oregon for Bachelor (ski!). I love that living in Portland, we are only about an hour away from the beach or the mountain… I love that while we have pretty mild weather, we definitely have seasons. Even if “summertime” (=when we can open our pool…) is only like 3 months! 😀

  2. Those pictures are beautiful.

    I love my homestate of VA, and being along the ocean is absolutely fantastic. However, in upstate NY (where I go to school), I also love the mountains and small town feeling. 🙂

  3. I’m with Spabettie, Cascade Brewing is awesome.

    I love that when it snows here, it only lasts a day but everyone goes crazy over it. And I love all of the berries obviously.

  4. Now I’m from Southern Oregon, but an Oregon State grad so I’ve had exposure to the great city of Portland. I love all the microbrews across the state, the real mountains, pine trees, home cooking, hiking, Subarus, the cold-ass coastal water, all our movies (Goonies!), and family. It’s MY favorite state and wish the Navy still had stations around the area. But until then, it’s visits from SoCal when time and money allows.

  5. Oregon is beautiful! And no sweatshirts girl, really?

    I love California because of Disneyland and because of the local delicious food.

  6. That is QUITE a hike up to the top there. It’s only 1 mile, but that is misleading, it’s definitely not like my mile walk to the library on flat streets! This post makes me want to go to Hood River soon.
    Let’s see, I loved NJ for some of the things people love about Oregon – even though we were so close to NYC and Philadelphia, we also weren’t far from a beach (warm enough to swim in!) and the mountains (although the Appalachians are small and not pointy). So, what I love about Oregon has to be different. I would say, relatively no traffic, and no one looks at you like you’re an alien for separating compost from the rest of your trash.

  7. Awesome. Love the photos. We might have to meet sometime…it looks like your hubby & my boyfriend could be long lost brothers (goofy face makers)!!

    I love the Oregon Coast & hiking in the gorge. And Oregon wines!

  8. Sour beer!!!!??? Craziness!!! I will have to try this once I find it!

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