Life Lessons

Sometimes, I learn really useful life lessons.

I learned quite a few this weekend in Hood River, and thought I’d share

Lesson 1:  if post brewery tour you stick around and talk to the brewer, you totally get another free beer

I look deranged. It was the theme of this weekend’s pictures.

Lesson #2: Views like this
make you start looking up houses for sale in other towns.

Lesson #3: Until you win the lottery, you’re not going to be buying someplace with a view like that

Lesson #4: Heaven’s movie theater is in Hood River
Alcohol (reasonably priced even!) and self serve butter for the popcorn.

Lesson #5: if you’re going on a run the next day, you can have all the self-serve butter you want, I promise.

Lesson #6: Crepes full of deliciousness are, clearly, delicious
But sadly, not the best breakfast when you’re setting out on an 8 mile run.

Lesson #7: If you’re going on a run along a gorge 127 Hours is not the best movie to watch the night before.

Every pebble going down the hillside makes you realize you have nothing to cut your arm off with. And no camelback to pee in.

(It doesn’t matter that you see two dozen other runners walkers and cyclists while you’re on it. and that it looks like this


not, you know, an isolated spot in Utah. You still might need to cut your arm off)

Lesson #8: I’m ridiculously paranoid

Lesson #9: If you’re going to cut your arm off, there should at least be a good view involved
(for my Oregonian friends, this is on the Historic Highway Trail, which goes from Hood River to Mosier. The whole thing is like 4.6 miles, crazy pretty, and closed off to cars)
Lesson #10: I need more vacations in my life.


10 responses to “Life Lessons

  1. life lessons are always fun.
    hood river looks like a great destination!

  2. Thanks for the recap. It was like reliving my anniversary last summer. We stayed at that same B&B and their breakfast were great…we filled up on crepes and then rode our bikes from the B&B to the Highway Trail (even up that crazy hill to get to the trail too)! That was a lesson in it’s self.

  3. aaahhh… looks like a beautiful weekend!!

    have you guys been to Cascade Brewing (um, called Raccoon Lodge!) in SW Portland? they have great beer and give many samples… 🙂 They just opened another location on Belmont, called the Barrel House. they have REALLY good beer.

  4. I need to come visit asap. I keep saying this. It needs to happen.

  5. Those views! So gorgeous.

  6. Those are very important life lessons, Kalin. 😉
    Esp love #5 and #6.

  7. CRAZY you are up to 8 miles now!!! Anyways, I love the mini vacays you and the hubs go on. 🙂

  8. The Hood river area is so gorgeous. And learning life lessons on a vacay is always valuable 🙂

    8 miles? You go girl!

  9. You need to frame that first picture- although I’m pretty sure it’s not the only one of its kind since you are an Oregon girl.

    And 8 miles?! You are like a real runner now!

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