Very Important

I’m kind of a big deal guys.

It’s true. A local fast food chain said so.

(What? I’m a substitute teacher. I’ll take any semblance of importance I can get!)

Burgerville is a local chain. They’re fast food, but with an emphasis on local, sustainable, and in season. They do giveaways on facebook every so often for Very Important Fans. And I WON.

Well, me and 149 other people.


I got free Burgerville.

And they called me important.

And the free food came on a day when I had some medical stuff done and wasn’t feeling 100%. Free food = no guilt over being too lazy to make dinner!

Right now their seasonal sandwich is a roasted portobello focaccia sandwich.

Love my friends. Love. Big ol’ roasted mushroom with onions and sun dried tomatoes on delicious bread.
Weirdly enough, my husband didn’t try any. Shocking.

We shared a berry smoothie
(Hint for my Oregon readers: the smoothies and the shakes taste identical. One’s made with yogurt and one with soft serve. My husband and I have ordered the same flavor in a shake and a smoothie and not been able to tell the difference. But a smoothie has like half the calories.)

Burgerville shakes are supah thick
I’m realizing how many dirty things I could say to follow that line.  Holding it in.

My husband had a bacon cheeseburger
He was happy.

So happy he even shared his fries with me!

Also making me feel important? Getting gorgeous ValentinesPhotobucket

It’s from my darlin’ friend Liz, who is super talented and made it herself.

Not only can she make pretty things, she’s getting married and my valentine was asking me to be a bridesmaid!

Don’t worry Liz, I already have the perfect outfit

We’ll have yours redone in white.



11 responses to “Very Important

  1. YUM I love Burgerville smoothies… I need to try that sandwich, it looks perfect. congrats on being a big deal 😀

  2. I LOVE Burgerville. It’s so good. So much better than any fast food out there. I usually get the Tillamook Bacon Cheeseburger. YUM. I miss their shakes so much. The chocolate hazelnut? Mmmm

  3. You are super, super important, darling.

    Bummer that I returned that shirt to Value Village (from whence it came). Some Spokie could be wearing it RIGHT NOW.

    Also, we look disturbingly like siamese twins in that photo.

  4. I had NO idea about the smoothie vs. shake thing. You bet your ass I’m stopping at BV on the way home just to see for myself 🙂

  5. I just found your blog, congrats on winning free Burgerville! I totally had that portabello sandwich last weekend, it was way better than I expected. The sundried tomato pesto (or whatever it was) was awesome.

  6. Burgerville looks super good. I want to go.

    I really love your ho-utfit.

  7. I love burgerville! You are so lucky girl! I love that sparkly shirt ha.

  8. You are a big deal. I hope you feel better too.

    P.S. do you have any more of those outfits? I want one, but in pink.

  9. That bread is so weird to see at a fast food joint! Or maybe that’s just because I only get jr. bacon cheeseburgers squished flat…at any rate, it totally looks like an herbed garlic bread.

  10. Omfg everything looks so good!!! Including you wink wink

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