When I was little my daddy would buy all sorts of snacks for the Super Bowl, and bribe us to watch it with him.

Chicken in a Biskit were my kryptonite.  I’d ignore the fact that football made no sense at all if I could get my hands on a box of those.


And my daddy knew that.

No regrets.  Not even the part where I adored chicken flavored crackers, which in hindsight is kinda a gross idea for a flavor.  Although I am now sketched out that it’s spelled “biskit”.

Now, to my father’s joy I’ve married a football fan.  I’m stuck watching game after game, even without questionably flavored crackers as bait.

Since yesterday’s game was kind a big deal and all, to appease both members of our household we went to McCormick and Schmick’s on the waterfront.  It has a killer happy hour and it’s the Portland location for Full Sail, which we’re always fans of.

So basically: food for me, beer for the husband.

And, in what I think may have been a bribe to keep me sitting still (not unlike the Chicken in a Biskits of my youth) my husband got me this yesterday

an iPhone 4!  My old phone had went to Jesus the night before, and he convinced me to get an iPhone-I’d been using a non-smart phone.  You know, like the pioneers had.
I may have been playing Oregon Trail and Angry Birds while watching the super bowl.  It happens.

Like I said, the happy hour at McCormick’s is great.  We had edamame hummus
Two bucks friends.

Plus cheddar tots with chipotle ranch
Which were amazing

And polenta with chicken sausage
and an unpictured cheeseburger and fries.

(Plus several unpictured adult beverages)

Did you watch the super bowl?

Anyone else bribed to watch sports as a child?


17 responses to “Super

  1. Yay iPhone!

    Also, amusing that yesterday, I had to bribe Adam to watch the Superbowl with me. He even tried to CHANGE THE CHANNEL once in the third quarter. Sacrilege!

  2. I was never bribed to watch sports as a kid, because fortunately for me, my brother and dad didn’t watch sports … except wrestling, LOL – which Ididn’t mind too much. I married a man who also doesn’t really watch sports (just the games that our provinces team is playing in, and even then, it’s no big deal if we miss it).

    We didn’t watch the Super Bowl.

  3. Mmm, Chicken In A Biskit… to this day, for both my brother and me, this means a bunco party where we get a handful of these lovely crackers and are sent upstairs before guests arrive. 🙂

    My mom RARELY bought these, and (I don’t know why, either!) we LOVED them!! 🙂

    yep, we watched the game, and I’m very happy Green Bay won 🙂

  4. I still need to be bribed to watch sports. With food. Naturally. I ate chili cheese fritos. I was a beefy child.

  5. I used to love those biskits. I am so ashamed.

  6. Yes, we would build blanket forts and I think my kryptonite was Mallomars. Usually I would just play with a baby doll or something and ignore the game. In college, when the Scarlet Knights were actually doing well, I would feel obligated to watch games (and I watched enough that football stopped making no sense!) but I would always knit during the game.


  8. oh my goodness, I used to love those crackers! The name kind of freaks me out now (chicken in a biscuit? – weird), but they were my favorites growing up.

  9. I’m sooooo jealous! I want to be bribed with an iPhone!!!!
    Lucky you! 🙂

  10. Oh my god I feel ya! I could eat an ENTIRE box of those damn chicken crackers. Why???

    All that food looks good….

  11. my mom would throw us out of the house rather than watch TV! now I’m uncultured when it comes to what is going on in the world (at least I know who won the super bowl). the edamame hummus looks so good!

  12. I was bribed with happy meals. Damn u going to m&s just cause…welcome to the world of technology!

  13. holy cow, you just made my day! those were my favorite cracker as a kid…and teen…and adult. they are so freakin good!

    yes, watched. rather upset w/ the outcome…steelers are my team.

  14. Thanks for the awesome happy hour mention! I’m happy you visited us to watch the Super Bowl. 🙂

    Jen Storer
    McCormick & Schmick’s

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