If you’ve been reading this blog for very long you know I live in Little Beirut (aka Portland, Oregon).

And if you live in PDX you may have also figured out I’m a westsider.  Which is how I had no clue there were TWO Petit Provences on the eastside-thanks to my far smarter local readers for letting me know in the comments!)

I know that there’s all sorts of cool things on the eastside of Portland.  I do.

But I buy my jeans at Costco.  I’m not cool.

So we hang out in our hood.  We like our hood.  Plus, walking to dinner totally negates the calories you consume.  It’s a fact.  (I should add that to my rules)

So recently we had these amazing calorie free sandwiches at Caffe Autogrill

Delicious (pancetta and turkey)

And even more delicious (ham and salami)
Plus, the other perk of going places you can walk?

You both get to drink.
(The walking burns off those calories too.)

And yesterday we had a happy hour at Salvador Molly’s.  We’ve been there before a few times.  Food is absurdly cheap, so you gotta get a bunch of things.  Like pulled pork
and fries
and duck wings
(plus the quinoa in the background)

and tempura apples
The quarter mile walk home totally works all that off.

And if you have a few drinks with your happy hour (because again, walking = we both drink!), it’s hard to resist stopping at Baker and Spice on your way home. Especially when there’s a whoopie pie with peanut butter cream in the middle
and ganache on top.

Plus a chocolate cream pie
With possibly the most amazing chocolate cookie crust ever.

And since we walked there?  Calorie free!

I’m thinking it may be time to go get some no-cal Baskin Robins now.

That .15 mile walk means I can get a large shake, right?

Are there spots in your hood you walk to?


10 responses to “Negation

  1. dude. We only live within walking distance of lame chain restaurants. I’m so jealous right now. Especially of the Whoopie Pie!!!!

  2. Mmmm, there is something yummy looking on those fries! And I am totally intrigued by tempura apples!

    There are no restaurants within walking distance of us, but we are close to a grocery store, and the biggest park in our city (with a lake and a walking/biking path).

  3. I love the calorie free walks. I do cardio fro yo- you walk to get fro yo, and then it’s also calorie free. Want to partner for a new diet plan?

  4. i dont walk…too many hills in pullman.

  5. oh, good Lord above! Molly’s is one of our favorites… are those apples new??? I just showed them to Jason and told him we need to get there immediately. If we didn’t JUST have dinner we’d probably go right now! 😀

  6. We live in a pretentious gated community of white people in the middle of lower-income ghetto. So the few establishments they’ve allowed in the area aren’t the places you get drunk at and walk home.

    We stick out a little when we hit up the margaritas and stumble home.

    But that’s what you get when you let in two 20-somethings. 😀

  7. MMMMMMM BASKIN ROBBINS! and a large shake with only 2000 calories, totally gone after a .15 mile walk

  8. When I’m home home, I can’t walk anywhere because we’re hicks in the middle of nowhere, but when I’m in Providence, there’s a Starbucks 1/4 mile away and 2 whole foods a mile away. It’s really dangerous for my wallet.

  9. Yeah I go to the Petite Provence on SE Division! It’s good!

  10. my roommates and i live within walking distance of a Coldstone..we always walk..well not always..but when we do..we always say we deserve the LOVE it size serving

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