I love my Ducks?

Friday, my husband said he needed to bring “yellow and green snacks” to work today.

It’s the BCS championship game today.  Seems when a team from your state is playing, it’s kind of a big deal.

Being from Washington, I am not used to local teams winning, so it’s all new to me.  (The only college football game I’ve been to was at WSU.  There’s a reason “coug it” is a phrase-sorry Genesis!)

In an effort to make something that’s not sweet (doesn’t it seem like “bring something” translates to 90% of people as “bring cookies”?) we bought yellow and green veggies

To go with the veggies I made hummus and ranch.

(I did this while making my dinner with jarred pasta sauce.  Balance my friends, balance)

Forever ago I posted about homemade ranch, and Amanda asked about my recipe.  Months later, here it is.

This is probably not good for you.

But it is good.

Homemade Buttermilk Ranch:

  • Equal parts mayo and plain yogurt (greek is fantastic, but other stuff works as well).  I generally use about 1/3 c of each
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • dried parsley-about 1  t
  • garlic-either minced or powdered, spoonful of minced or 1/2 t of powdered
  • Buttermilk-enough to reach desired consistency (this can totally vary depending on what you like, but I’d make sure I had at least 1/2 a cup)

In a bowl combine yogurt and mayo.  Mix well.
Add in black pepper.  If you’re me, this is the best part.  So you add a ton.
Add in garlic and then parsley.  I add parsley cause it looks prettier.  If you have none, you can leave it out.  (And fresh parsley, finely chopped, would be extra pretty I bet)
mix it all up.  It’s super thick
Introduce buttermilk to your dressing.
I love super thin ranch on salads, so homemade is great because I can control that.  Since this was for dip, I went thicker.  Whatever way you like, add a little buttermilk at a time until it’s the right consistency for you.

Taste test and add more spices if desired, and salt.
(Taste it on something.  Mouthfuls of ranch start to taste weird fast)

It’s pretty quick to make, and if you’re picky on ranch like me, it saves you from buying bottles of weirdness and throwing them away. This is tangy, peppery, and easily adjusted to what you like.

And it lets you feel like a way better wife than you would sending your husband with a bottle of Hidden Valley.

Go Ducks?

8 responses to “I love my Ducks?

  1. I’m a Huskie. 🙂

  2. oh please, i dont even root for the cougs. im a huskie fan anyhow since lil bro goes there and by default i pay tuition so i bleed purple.

    hey but it was a good weekend for WA state – seahawks with the worst record in nfl history are going to the playoffs, EWU won whatever second class title it is for their school, so its not all bad!

  3. yay! I want to make this right now to go with some carrots. I love carrots and ranch. LOVE!

  4. To “coug it” sounds very similar to Scarlet Knights-ing it, at least in their early-to-mid-2000’s-before-becoming-good-for-a-few-years days.

  5. I think I would like this so much more than the store-bought stuff.

  6. Sorry about the Ducks! We were rooting for ya. Sooooo close!

  7. See, because ranch is not that good for you, it goes SO well with good-for-you veggies. See? Perfect balance right there! 😉

  8. I was so sad the Ducks lost last night. We’re not big Auburn (or SEC) fans and were pulling for Oregon. Boo! At least you got to eat some tasty ranch ‘n veggies.

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