Anatomy of a Lazy Dinner

When you’ve spent all day watching football

(and seeing your team lose!)

Then doing electrical repair, painting. , and making multiple trips to the hardware store…

You need a lazy dinner.

Which is what we did tonight.

I’m aware that I’m following up a post on homemade yogurt with an ultra lazy meal.  It’s ok.  I’ve said it before, I’m vast, I contain multitudes.

Step 1:

Buy this sauce at Costco.
It’s the best sauce ever.  It’s twice as much at the grocery store.  Costco stopped having it for a while, and we pouted.  A lot.  Because no matter how delicious it may be, we can’t handle dropping $10 on a single jar of sauce.

Step 2:

Buy these meatballs at Costco
(notice a theme in my life?)

They’re delicious.  My husband has told me I shouldn’t try and make meatballs, because compared to these, anything I made would probably be disappointing.  They’re amazing for lazy dinners (we do them with sweet and sour over rice too)

Step 3:

Boil some pasta
Whole wheat of course.  Negates the fatty meatballs, I promise.

Step 4:

Toss some spinach on a plate
(I added some olives post-picture cause I was feelin’ sassy)

Step 5:

Pasta goes on plate
Step 6:

Eat.  Then open some wine.

The closest I came to making anything myself with this meal was pouring the oil and vinegar on my salad.

I’m ok with that.  You can’t be Little House in the Big Woods every day.

Besides,  I followed this up by making a themed veggie platter for my husband to take to work.  Themed.  Veggie.  Platter.

Not kidding.

Pretty sure those balance each other out.

What are you loving at Costco right now?

(You really do need the sauce,  I promise.  )


7 responses to “Anatomy of a Lazy Dinner

  1. I think I have that sauce in my cupboard right now 🙂

    That looks like a perfect dinner for me. Spaghetti and meatballs is one of my all-time favourite meals, and I don’t care if the sauce is store-bought. I love the goat cheese at Costco.

  2. and yes I know portland has the biggest costco in the us! I live an hour away from costco so I don’t know what is there or what I can get. Sad story right? Anyways, G will be in Portland next weekend. Email me a list of restaurants!

  3. We don’t have Costco in Indiana. It makes me sad, because that’s where we bought 50% of our foodstuffs back in California (the other 50% came from another warehouse-type whole foods store whose name I don’t remember). We have a Sam’s Club, but I don’t like giving money to the Walmart corporation unless I have to, just to keep those Mom ‘n Pops open one hour longer.

  4. Hmmm doesn’t look lazy to me. Looks delicious! I love easy meals.

  5. Yum, looks great!

    I’m LOVING the cranberry covered goat cheese we picked up from Costco this weekend! NOT a cheese fan at all but this stuff has changed me! 🙂 I love it!

  6. thehungryscholar

    That is our go-to lazy dinner. I like the jersey!

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