Stay Klassie

I’m really sad I already used “Stay Classy” as the tile for my last post.  But then I realized that the sort of class I’m about to tell you about is best spelled with a K.  (And an ie.  It’s that good).

See, on New Years, we (me, husby, sis-in-law, her boyfriend Matt, cousin-in-law, and his girlfriend) put on neck tattoos

(Yeah, that’s a unicorn with a heart on my neck.  It has glitter too.)

And hit up Sunshine Company again.  Cause it was there, and had beer.
Here’s where it gets really klassie.

While we were there, know what we saw someone order?


Friggin’ Jello shots.

I’m a bit of a bad decision dinosaur, so I managed to convince Matt to buy some.

Matt runs a fancy whisky bar in San Francisco.

He was ordering orange Jello shots.
I realize now how I got blamed as being the instigator of all this.  At the time I tried to blame Matt.  There’s no way you can shift this off me.

First drink of the New Year!
Then we found an abandoned beer.  Wounded soldiers make me sad.  So we raised some money
And paid my husband to drink it
I wasn’t kidding that this was Klassie with a K.

My husband then made a few belated resolutions
and Matt summed up all of this with “Man, 2011 is going to SUCK!”

I’d like to think instead that it’s all uphill from here.  Cause you can’t really downgrade from jello shots can you?*

But things I can’t top?  New Years day the husband and I laced up our shoes
And ran next to this
(for serious.  that’s a cell phone pic from the run).

Um.  It’s like 26 degrees here in Portland right now.  We tend to run in the dark.  Around a neighborhood.  Not sunshine, mid-50s, and the ocean to stare at.

I think the lesson from all of this is that I should focus on what I can improve and have a good drink.  And leave running till I’m next to an ocean again.

How was your New Years?


*it turns out you can, btw.  That post to come.

6 responses to “Stay Klassie

  1. My new years was spent with the hubby and 3 close friends. It was quiet and relaxing and a nice change from new years past.

  2. my new years was spent chauferring a drunk brother, waking up later than my phone really said it was and having a splitting headache the rest of the day, but not from a brother just wouldnt shut up.

  3. You guys should move here or we should move there. My life is not nearly as classy as yours.

    Andy and I watched Harry Potter, drank champagne and fell asleep at 12:02am. See, boring!

  4. thehungryscholar

    I would run on the beach too 🙂

    Jello shots are always a good idea. Unless you are wearing white and your drunk friend thinks it is funny to toss them at you.

  5. Jesus I still jello shots! Looks gorgeous there! I spent my nye with friends back at home!

  6. You guys know how to have a good time!

    We drank champagne cooked some tasty food and then drank some beer and watched a movie. Good times. We are old 🙂

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