Stay Classy

Hi friends!

Guess where I am

Here’s a hint-this is the view from my current living room-
I found the ocean!

The husband’s mommy rented a condo in San Diego for second Christmas, so we’re enjoying a break from rainy Oregon in Ocean Beach.

I am loving some sunshine.

My buddy Davie, who I know from my Baskin Robbins days lives here, and he tried to tell me that San Diego has the most microbreweries per capita in the US.

While we all know that’s a dirty lie and Portland wins that competition, we’ve been checking out some beers.

(Shocking right?)

We went to Pizza Port for lunch the other day

Davie had recommended it, and when my husband saw how many taps they had, he was more than down.


They have a lunch deal with a slice, a salad, and a beer for $6.

Since there’s salad, it’s a balanced meal.   That salad totally balanced this


And this
It was pretty solid stuff.

We also hit up Sunshine company with Davie, and tried some more local beers.
I do appreciate any city where people living there are insistent on you having their beers.  So insistent I may have had a few too many.  You can tell by the photo quality here I was enjoying them.

And today we went on a run in SUNSHINE.  By the OCEAN.  Amazing.  So so amazing.  Sun + endorphins = a happy happy machine.

Happy New Years yo!


8 responses to “Stay Classy

  1. Go to STONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pizza Port is really nice. Andy and I have been to the one in Carlsbad. It’s nice. Pizza is goooood!

  2. Ur stupid. It cold here. Brrr

  3. That pizza picture actually made me say “Ummm” aloud. Enjoy the sunshine.

  4. Happy New Year yourself! Sounds like you’re eating you way into 2011 in the best of ways!

  5. Enjoy the sunshine! Have a great night tonight 🙂

  6. Psssst. 2 hours drive up, and there is a certain amazing girl living in L.A. who would dearly love to meet you.

    Ah, well. I tried. Happy New Year, Kalin!

  7. Happy New Year!!!! 2010 was pretty awesome for you – but I hope 2011 is even better!!!

  8. thehungryscholar

    Why is pizza and beer the best combo EVVVVVER?

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