My family, we’re champs.

(And by family I mean me, my husby, and the baby cat)

At the airport:

If your husband gets searched extra, champions know the best possible choice is to take pictures of it on your phone

Some people in our household have little bags of food because they prep like a champ
Yogurt, fruit, a Theo bar (gingerbread spice chocolate!) and copious amounts of splenda

While some people in our household opt for the breakfast of champions
Some of us *cough* ME *cough* take their Dramamine like a champ.

(or they start gagging and saying “I’m pretty sure if I knew what ass tasted like it’d taste like this”.  Same thing.)

And some people write blog posts like a champ, because really, what else do you do when it’s 6 am and your husband eats Wendy’s nuggets and you’re gagging on orange chewable ass?

See y’all in Cali!


8 responses to “Champions

  1. HA you are the best wife ever…only you would snap pics while the hubs is getting frisked hahahaha love it!

  2. Chicken nuggets are a perfect breakfast.

  3. Oh my. Now I want a chicken mcnugget so bad.

    The pic of your husband at the airpot…hilarious! Does he know you were taking a pic of him? hee hee hee!

  4. thehungryscholar

    I love dramamine. It makes me super loopy. I have to take it or I barf, true story.

  5. have a safe trip girlie!! you take that dramamine like a champ 🙂

  6. HAHAHA I can’t stop laughing at your last line…”orange chewable ass”. YUCK! That’s why I hate pills – the fakey flavoring is AWFUL!

  7. Dude! I wish we were closer to you two right now so we could drink beers!

  8. Where you going?!? Anyways I got that theo bar at whole foods I think!

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