Red and Green

My friend Callie always tells me that Chanukah wins over Christmas because red and green are ugly together, but blue with silver or gold is pretty.

And she might be right.  But Chanukah is over, so it’s red and green time.

The beauty of Christmas colors is that you can add them to anything and then it’s a CHRISTMAS thing.

It’s so simple.

Using that logic, this weekend I transformed normal snickerdoodles into Christmas snickerdoodles.

All you have to do is take the normal cinnamon and sugar you roll them in
And add some sugar sprinkles
Not a ton.  I learned the hard way one year, if you just use colored sugar and no white you get ugggly cookies

But just a little?
(Callie was here this weekend.  Since I was out of blue sprinkles Chanukah was over I made her pink ones.  Equally pretty)

I like lazy Christmas cookies
We had some normal sugar cookies too

(I may have made one of the gingerbread men wearing a yarmulke for Callie.  She loved it.)

There are few things more amusing than watching my husband decorate cookies.
He’s really really good.  Do you see the gingerbread man made with THRRE different sprinkles?  It’s art.

What Christmas baking have you been doing?

Do you agree with Callie’s assessment of red and green being ugly?


14 responses to “Red and Green

  1. Your cookies look awesome! I love the decorations. Great job.

  2. I love the decoarations and how pretty they look. Great job and I love that you included Callie with the festivities. 🙂

  3. I do have to agree because red and green makes brown/grey!
    Husband has a big future ahead of him- he did a great job and is an artist. Also, your frosting looks much better than mine. I’m thinking I need to figure out the ratios and mine was way off!

  4. Red and green are literally opposites, so they’re good for contrast but horrible to decorate with because they’re so in-your-face.

    So far I’ve only made a batch of fudge, but now I really wanted to put a cup of frosting in my sweetie’s hand and see what he’ll do with it :p

  5. I grew up thinking red and green=happiest days ever so I’m bias! Ughhhh stop seducing me with your baked goods! Decorating cookies are so fun! No time this year though :/

  6. I love red and green. BUT- only when it’s Christmas. Nice looking cookies! They’re so festive!

  7. I have to agree with your friend that blue with silver is very pretty. But the whole green and red thing is so traditional, it’s hard not to like it because what it stands for (hopefully fun Christmas-y times).

    Yum for your cookies!! I’m going to make sugar cookies on Thursday 🙂

  8. I have done so much Christmas baking!!! Your cookie decorating skills are great!!!

  9. In art, you learn that reddish tones and greenish tones CLASH hideously. So your friend is right…however, I have to admit that I have special, good sentiments towards Christmas colors just because of the representation is has. 🙂

  10. I only like red and green together around Christmas. Your friend is right that they totally don’t go together.

  11. I love, love, love snickerdoodles! I don’t like red and green, but I like what they mean 🙂

  12. This is evidence that I have horrible, tacky taste, because I like red and green together!

  13. I can’t think of red and green together and not think of anything but Christmas. So I think they are beautiful due to the happy memories of Christmas, I would never put them together any other time.

    And thanks for the heads up regarding replacing regular sugar with the colored sugar. Because I totally could have done that. Disaster avoided.

  14. I have done so much Christmas baking!!! Your cookie decorating skills are great!!! 6 brb

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