This weekend wasn’t just a visit from Baby Brother.  It was also his first trip to Portland where he was 21.

Clearly, this meant he needed to visit some breweries.

When I first moved to Portland the beer selection was terrifying.  I was used to pitches of Bud Light.  Or Miller High Life if I was feeling klassy (it is the champagne of beers after all)

Here there are about 34998098 beers and breweries.  We tried to hit up the basics for Baby Brother.

First up was Widmer
Widmer is everywhere.  We’re pretty sure there must be some sort of law about having their Hef on tap because seriously it seems like 90% of places do.

We shared a pretzel
And I had chili and a salad
Salad is good for you.  Even when it’s coated in dressing and accompanied by a beer.

We then hit up Cascade Brewing’s Barrel House
They’re new and specialize in sour beers.  If you’re not a beer lover you should give sours a shot-they’re almost like delicious soda.  But with alcohol.

I read somewhere that sour is the new hoppy.  I have high hopes this is true.

We tried some samplers of their ish
I think this is far more my style than the husband or Baby Brother’s.  But seriously, give sours a try if you’re not a beer drinker.  You could be ahead of the cool kid curve.

We also hit up Bridgeport, where I failed to take pictures.

Bridgeport isn’t my favorite, but you do have to love their $3 happy hour beers.

We also found a Ben and Jerry’s

And we had to do Burgerville.  It’s sustainable, so it must be good for you.

I had the grilled cranberry chicken sandwich
Baby Brother had a cheeseburger
What are your thoughts on beer?  Love it?  Hate it?  Totally indifferent?

Like I said, pre-Portland, I was indifferent.  I have a long standing distrust of IPAs because when I first moved here IPAs looked all nice and light, like the ambers and goldens I would drink.  I’d get one and BAM mouth full of hops.  No hi.


13 responses to “Beervana

  1. I like to brew beer more than I like to drink it (I’m a vodka soda lime girl), but I DO love the sour beers! They ARE like soda 😉

    Raccoon Lodge has a great Gose… and has great food too! and we like Rogue for the surly bartender. 😉

  2. Totally love beer! this looks like such a great trip for your brother!

  3. I’ve fallen hard for one beer in particular: Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels. It’s like crack. Only better for you 🙂 I heart beer tasting. And I miss Portland. So much good food and drink. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  4. I love sours. We are destined to be friends and drink together.

  5. Hm, I would give sour beer a shot. I always wanna like Burgerville more than I do but I’ve only tried it twice. Might have to give it another shot as well.

  6. FUN! I love “tasting”…beer…wine…it doesn’t matter. It’s all fun.

    You should check out Hopworks over on SE Powell. Such a cool, Portland-y place with good beer and good food.

  7. Looks like you had a fun time! I like beer more and more, because sometimes it’s not appropriate to bust out with the vodka, i.e. in front of my boyfriend’s family, at picnics, kids’ parties, 8 hour baseball games, etc. Drinking beer? Not a big deal!
    I like ales mostly, but I really don’t know anything about beer. I’d like to give sour beer a shot!

  8. LOVE beer.

    You and I need to get together – we would be a mad duo out on the town!

  9. Beer shouldn’t count towards calories. The end.

  10. when I come visit Portland, I want a tour from you. Lucky baby brother! But how old is he again? I keep thinking he’s like 17-18.

  11. I tried to like it, but I haven’t found the right one for me yet. Maybe if I ever make my way to Portland again you can be my mentor.

  12. I haven’t had beer cause I just turned 18 in June but it looks like you had fun with your brother!! I would have never guessed he is 21 lol 🙂 He’s a cutie! The chili and chicken sandwich you ate look YUMMMYYY!

  13. Stop corrupting baby brother! Bahaha I loathe beer yet that’s exactly what I order when I go out…weird…or cheap…ugh I want a baby brother adventure! But baker and spice must be a stop too!

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