Healthy Holiday Living

In honor of it being almost Christmas, I thought I’d share some healthy living tips with you.  It seems to be the thing to do.

So here friends, is how I stay healthy at Christmas:

1.  I’m about 95% sure that elastic waist pants coming into style are proof God wants us to enjoy Christmas. Jeggings are like $15 at forever 21.  Give yourself a Merry Christmas
2.  Holiday drinking.  Do it.  If you do enough of it, you won’t care if your non-elastic waist pants fit!
3.  Winter is cold.  Embrace being part bear.  Know what bears do to be ready for the winter?  They eat.  Eating makes you less cold.  No one likes being cold.

4.  Worried about calories?  Make cookies with a small child.  Watching them pick their nose and then touch the cookies is a great appetite suppressant.
(Unless you’re me.  Then you still eat them.)

5.  Walking is exercise.  You have to walk when you’re shopping.  This means the more you shop, the healthier you’ll be!  If you finish shopping for others, get something for yourself.  Jeggings perhaps?

6.  Rather than getting a calorie filled peppermint mocha, get a plain latte, and sweeten it yourself.

(Source– although to be totally honest, there’s some in my house.  I’m just to lazy to go take a picture of it.)

With peppermint schnapps.

7.  Watching someone else put up Christmas lights can do a great job of raising your heart rate!

It’s like cardio, but without having to move!

8. Rock out.

Burns calories + everyone is full of schnapps so there’s no judging!

and finally….

9.  Don’t stress about it.  Stress gives you wrinkles.   I’d pick an extra 10 pounds over needing botox.
This concludes my one and only healthy living tips post.

You’re welcome.


14 responses to “Healthy Holiday Living

  1. oh, I *KNEW* I loved you!!

    in all seriousness, these are GREAT tips. really. and I almost choked on my tea with #4. ew!

    XXO – Happy Holidays!!

  2. …and even more ew?? botox.

    EW. 😀

  3. Thank you for admitting that you are sometimes too lazy to take pics. That’s been my biggest winter problem (and, hello, a little light would be nice). You ROCK! Merry Christmas to you and the hubs!

  4. I have yet to try jeggings. I’m scared ha. The winter makes it way to cold me to leave my room bahaha.

  5. AHAHAHAHA Love this post!

  6. You are awesome. This is actually healthy living- mental health is so much important than being a skinny biotch. Eat some frosting, yo.

  7. this post is exactly why I heart you.

  8. But…I shop online. Do you think my fingers burn enough calories on the keyboard to justify those Amazon purchases that magically appear on my credit cards? :p

  9. These are my kinds of tips. All the tips about avoiding gravy and stuffing, and filling up on veggies before holiday parties can shove it.

  10. RUMPLEMINZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Haha! You are hilarious 🙂

    I think I might be too old to rock a pair of jeggings. Plus I’m too lazy to go shopping to get a pair so I’ll stick with my comfortably worn sweat pants. Sexy times, I know.

    And of course, everything is made better with cookies and alcohol (together, if possible).

  12. This post rocks!! I think these are the absolute best tips out there.

  13. awesome tips. i’m in full bear mode nowadays, but will need to burn some k-cals while shopping…gifts dont buy themselves, unfort. beer/wine and cookies certainly help.

  14. I am always too lazy to take pics. Amen.

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