Jingle all the Way

Guess who’s here!
Baby Brother came to visit!

We’ve been enjoying Christmas-y fun

We went to Zoolights
Where we found the road to hell
And some animals
Plus we hit up the 24 hour donut and ice cream shop.  Which is super Christmasy
It totally used to be a Baskin Robbins Duncan Donuts shop-there are stickers over Dunkin Donut logos.  Klassy.
But delicious.  You should never let klassy get in the way of delicious.

I got “Scooper hero” ice cream.
Puns and vanilla with enough dye to cause brain damage?  You know I loved it.

And today….

We ran a 5k!

It was the Holiday Half.  Only we did the 5k.  But my shirt just says half, so I’m pretty sure I look like a real runner if I wear it.
I wore an apron.  Totally cool.  And the husband wore that cape the whole way.  We rocked it out in 35:18.  Which was rad considering we hadn’t ran since the turkey trot.

Baby brother beat us.  He did like 29:29.  And got to learn about the joys of running in Portland:
Post-race beer!

Then we went home, and I put my apron wearing skills to use
Do other cities give out post-race beer, or is that just us?  I really am curious about that.

Time for some breweries!


10 responses to “Jingle all the Way

  1. The Providence races give out beer at the end, too.

  2. You guys are way faster than me. I am jealous. I seriously ran my 5k on Saturday with 2 pumpkin ales in my bod. It was hot. I finished in 39 minutes, I THINK. Maybe 40.. I walked A LOT.

    I have not experienced post-race beer. Which makes me sad.

  3. no post-race beer for me. yet. determined to find such a gem.
    awesome job on the race! love your green coat, too.

    the more i read your posts, the more i want to live in your attic/basement. yall seem like a such a hoot. and i’ll never go hungry since your freezer is set for ages upon time.

  4. I love that so many runs around Portland finish with a post run beer. It’s especially nice in the summer time.

  5. I certainly hope my new years eve 5k hands out beer after!

  6. They have a series of “Beer Runs” around my city in the fall where all runners meet up at the end point and get a free pint from the participating restaurant. I don’t run, but if they made it a vodka run, I might find the motivation.

  7. the ONE 5k i did had cupcakes and beer…hahaha. I only double fisted the cupcakes. Great oufit lady…my dream is to wear a costume and run…hahaha!! 🙂

  8. I’ve seen post race beer at a race in Pittsburgh, but not at a lot of them! Your costume is cute and your little brother always makes me laugh, you have the funniest pictures of him!

  9. My hubby says that he has never been to a race with beer at the end – it is really hard to get outdoor liquor permits in Canada I think.

  10. Running with a cape? Cool! And a bear after that? Awesome~! The christmas lights were great but I hope they added silver ones to make it more attractive.

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