When people ask me questions, I always mean to answer them.  But I also always mean to pay my student loans on time, floss, and shower.

And…. Well, my husband is impressed when I shower 2 days in a row and asks “Didn’t you just do that yesterday?”  So you can see how well I do with my good intentions.  So today I’m answering some recent questions!

Can I move in with you guys?

Yes.  You can rent out our guest room for $1500 a month.  Or our shed for $800 a month.  It has a lawnmower to cuddle.

And astroturf carpet!  Cozy!

Did you just make the macarons out of boredom?

Yes.  Well, boredom and want for cookies.  I once baked a cake from scratch while blind drunk.  In a disposable turkey pan.  Fairly sober macarons are probably less weird than that.

Why did you guys start running?

See above how I make macarons because I can?  I wanted to see if I could.  And we needed things to do together that weren’t judging or drinking.

Plus, it’s good for our marriage.  Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  And happy people just don’t kill their husbands.

What is Hobby Lobby?  Is it like Micheal’s?

Imagine the biggest Micheal’s you can.  Now add a fabric department and a whole lot of crosses.
I’m not kidding about the crosses.

How big is your freezer?

I have a side by side fridge/freezer.  It is organized and stuffed.
Top shelf is fruit and ice cream, then below the ice maker are leftovers frozen to be lunches for the husband, then veggies, stock plus meat and veggie overflow, and the bottom drawer is meat.  The door is fruit at the top, then mostly bread, and veggie scraps being saved for stock at the bottom

How is your pantry if your freezer looks like that?

Secret:  we don’t have a ton of storage space in our kitchen.  This is good as it makes me restrain myself from buying 18 bags of sour cream and cheddar ruffles when they go on sale.  So my “pantry” is this cupboard
plus part of what should be the linen closet
And then random things scattered other places (coffee is in a canister next to the coffee maker, popcorn lives above the spices, flour and sugar are in canisters on the counter, you get the idea)

How did you manage to burn yourself in an ice cream store?

We made waffle cones.  So there was ONE thing you could burn yourself with.  I did it!  I also fell over cutting a tub of ice cream once.  Grace.

You did Miss Spokane?

Oh heck yes friends.

How big is Takeout now?

Huge.  Not a baby cat.  I weighed her today.  People laugh, but here’s what I do:
Food scale + cookie sheet + treats.

It works.  And most of the time I remember to wash the cookie sheet after I do it.


If you have more questions ask (or email me!)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shower.

It’s been a few days.


14 responses to “Questions?

  1. another question to answer…when will come to my neck of the woods? you dont have to venture to pullman, but spokane will suffice!

  2. Ahahaha, I hadn’t seen your pageant post before!

    Those were some good times, that’s for sure.

  3. I really love how you put Takeout on the cookie sheet. You are a genius.

  4. Loved this post!!!!! I might spend 800 bucks a month to sleep in a shed; if you promised to cook and bake for me =)

  5. that is an AWESOME way to weigh the cat.

    and I am easily distracted by Bright Pink Things… is that a PINK EIFFEL TOWER at Hobby Lobby?? why OH WHY don’t we have one here?? boo hoo…

  6. HAHAHA way to quote elle woods! I always LOVE that line 🙂

  7. did you stand on your counter to take that picture of your freezer?

  8. “It has a lawnmower to cuddle.” WHAHAHAH!! That cracked me up!!

    Dude. I worked at Cold Stones. I got burned a few times handling the waffle maker.

  9. This post made me laugh out loud. Like really loud. HAHAHAH. Okay I want your freezer like super bad and I love your cat and how you weigh your cat LOL 🙂

  10. haha…you’re hilarious. 🙂

    we don’t have much of a pantry either. our kitchen isn’t big enough to swig a dead cat, let alone keep actual FOOD in. :p

  11. I love how you weighted your cat! I couldnt figure out how to get my cat to stay on the stay so I had this big elaborate, weigh myself, go find the cat, do the math idea that just hurt my head

  12. I am impressed that your cat stayed on there long enough for you to snap a picture!

  13. great FAQ…the question about living with you…was it from me? hahaha

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