As you guys know, my husband is all about football.  Especially Oklahoma.  So the Big 12 championship game on Saturday night meant we would be sitting in front of the TV at dinner.

This seemed like the perfect excuse to stuff ourselves with Trader Joe’s frozen ish we’d gotten
Bacon wrapped steak?
Yeah.  Seriously.

And scallops in puff pastry.  Seafood is HEALTHY.
To balance it out we also had a ton of veggies, hummus, smoked gouda, and crackers.
And I got bored with football and made peanut butter macarons. Stuffed with ganache filling.  It happens.
Sooners won.  Go Sports Team!

Sunday we hit up the Co-Op for free chili and cornbread

The guy who makes soup there is GOOD.  (They make it in house).
And stuffed our faces with free Baker & Spice cookies at Sweetwares


This was a beautiful thing as we were so stuffed I didn’t have to make lunch.

Last night was the opposite of our TV dinner the night before.  We sat at the table, lit the advent wreath
And oh yeah,  I cooked a turkey
Before Thanksgiving they were 24 cents a pound at WinCo if you spent $50.  I kinda couldn’t NOT buy one.  So we had a full turkey dinner.
I am going to pretend this isn’t weird.

We stuffed our faces like it was thanksgiving all over.  But no stuffing.  Neither of us eat that

And leaving out the stuffing meant we weren’t so stuffed from dinner that we couldn’t eat dessert.  So we made fudge.  Peanut butter and chocolate fudge.
There’s a theme in our kitchen.  I’ll post the recipe later this week!

Do you have any appetizer things you love?  I always forget how wonderful appetizers for dinner are.  I think I adore all appetizers.  Because I hate forks.


11 responses to “Stuffed.

  1. Yums those macarons look so freaking good! and there is nothing wrong with thanksgiving part deux! ha

    I have to look for the scallops in puff pastry very soon!

  2. I hate using my fork too. I’m such an animal ha. My favorite appetizers are pigs in a blanket. Ah so good. I want to make a dinner of just appetizers.

  3. I LOVE appetizers, and I have so many favourites! I am making them all this weekend for my Christmas party on Saturday, so you will see them in Sundays post 🙂 I could eat appetizers for dinner every day – I too prefer to eat without a fork.

  4. Mmm, brie en croute… my favorite.

    I made some to watch the Ducks game. We also watched the Sooners game… it was a good weekend for football. 😀 and appetizers.

  5. You just activated the Greedy sensor in my stomachs. Thank you very much.

  6. You are a beast- did you just make the macarons out of boredom? I would need a whole day for that!

  7. I love tomato bruschettas. This post made me miss turkey and Thanksgiving.:( But hail for Christmas is coming with turkey again. The macaroons looks awfully good. Looking forward to your recipe post. 🙂

  8. I love appetizers…but they are usually the unhealthy ones. I’m all about the nachos!

  9. WTF?! Tj appetizers?! Pb fudge?! This post was suppose to seduce me!!! And I love apps! I get a taste of everything before the gorge!

  10. not sure if we do appetizers, but we do SIDE dishes for dinner (a lot.) it’s not uncommon to have salad and potatoes for dinner in our house. (as you see, i’m not much of a cook. :))

    p.s. that peanut butter chocolate fudge looks awesome. 🙂

  11. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I want to move in.

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