Weirdly, I’ve been getting a ton of searches for “how to make an advent wreath” the past few weeks.

I figured out I had said, very briefly, how I couldn’t find candles last year.  And somehow google is leading people here with that.

And really, it’s kinda late at this point, being the second Sunday  and all….

But this year, I DO have one.  So I figured I would show y’all.

Advent wreaths have 4 candles, and are lit the 4 Sundays before Christmas.  (So last week we lit one, this week we light two… you get the idea)

Purple candles are used for advent and lent in the Catholic church.  Purple = royalty, and Jesus is the Prince of Peace.  Pink is for Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday.

I searched forever for pink candles last year.  This year we went to Hobby Lobby (my hometown just got one, there are none in Portland) and not only did they have pink candles, they actually had packs of 3 purple and 1 pink in the Christmas section.  Scoreeee.

I got two little wreaths
And floral foam
And these candle holders
Pretty easy-peasy.  And I think it was all like maybe $8 or so?  Not much.
Because I contain multitudes I’ve also been celebrating Hanukkah.

One of my roommates the first two years I lived in Portland (she was also my maid of honor!) was Jewish.  In December she and I would decorate a blue and silver tree and enjoy the best of each other’s holidays.  Sadly, she moved away to Seattle, so there’s no excuse for me to be making latkes anymore.

But fried potatoes know no religion, so just like last year, I made them anyways.

Shredded potato + onion + eggs + salt + pepper
Food processor = easiest latke making EVER friends.

I pulled out some frozen applesauce from my freezer
(btw, I just have a side by side normal fridge/freezer combo for everyone who asked-I’ll have to take a picture of the inside sometime)

And celebrated the miracle of the oil
I leave you with my current Hanukkah obsession:

Do you have any traditions you have no right celebrating that you love?  As a kid I insisted on doing St Lucia’s Day despite not being the slightest bit Swedish.  I blame the American Girl books.

6 responses to “Holidaze

  1. I LOVE that video… I’ve been playing it for days 🙂

    seriously? my stomach just did a flip when you said Hobby Lobby… for a second I thought there was one in Portland!! 😀

  2. I seriously just ate latkes while eating this post. We didn’t have applesauce though. 😦

  3. its not really a holiday, but i always celebrate my 1/2 birthday. i was born in july, so in kindergarten and first grade, we summer bdays got to bring in our treats at the half way point, so january. i continued to make it a point every year, cake/cupcakes and all.

    holla to a fellow catholic 🙂 i’m being good and actually trying to go to mass every sunday of advent…so far, 2 for 2. confession: i would like to date/marry a jewish man so we can celebrate EVERY holiday. i heart festivities.

  4. Yesterday I went to a wedding where the glass-smashing and chair-carrying made me wish I could have a Jewish wedding someday.
    I had a roommate in NJ who not only made latkes for us all, but made a menorah out of half an acorn squash shell and birthday candles. We had exactly the right number of candles in a package that someone had left in our kitchen when they moved out.
    What’s a Hobby Lobby? Is it like Michaels?

  5. I may not be Jewish but I can appreciate some good latkes!

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