Baby Bites

I have baby animal fever.

It’s like baby fever except I don’t get to eat for two in order to acquire said baby.

Our baby cat is almost EIGHT months old.  She’s like, a real cat now.   A small real cat, but a real one.

She’s such a big girl we left her home for FOUR nights over Thanksgiving. Wwell, with visits from Brad

Who is her new best friend I’ve been told.  (Mrs Wookie, recognize our cat sitter?)

She’s so grown up that I’m pretty sure we’re ready for a new baby cat to play with.

I’m ignoring the fact that even having one results in my tree getting undecorated
My mantle getting redecorated
(how did she even DO that?  I’m a little impressed)

And awkward staring while I try to eat.

That face?  It’s her “I love you and if you move your arm too quickly I might think it needs to be pounced on”

She looks cute but seriously
She’s not all there.

To quell my baby fever, I baked.

And I didn’t just bake anything.  I baked baby brownies.

I made up some easy peasy brownies
And put them into the baby muffin pan
And because I cannot leave well enough alone, I took some chocolate chips
And melted them, with butter and cream

(Um.  ok.  I was out of cream and used coffee creamer.  Let’s pretend I don’t make this sub all the time, ok?  It works!)

And put a little chocolate hat on each one
Such sweet little babies
(See the creamer in the background?  I wasn’t joking)

I could just eat them up.
Which, you know, is frowned upon with real baby animals.  So this is probably for the best.

Although  I think that baby cat is plotting to eat these when I leave for work
Watch it girl.  I saw what you did to the last cookies I made.  Baby animals may not be for eating but you’re almost grown up.  We did name you Takeout after all….


10 responses to “Baby Bites

  1. HAHAHA! Cats are SO mischevious!

  2. I miss my Bradford so much! Him and Milo. But I call him Meelers. The cat, not Brad. 🙂 Make sure you charge him extra. Or just drive him down to In ‘N Out. He loves that too. Or come see me in SoCal. We’re here.

    I have a post coming up chronicling my love, need, desire, impending ownership (?) of a cat. Excited much. Yes, it’ll be like Christmas…in January or February!

  3. I love cats. I am convinced I’ll be a crazy cat lady when I’m old ha. I love that brownie recipes. God knows I can only do the simple recipes.

  4. Your cat is such a cutie. I wish I could have a cat but, alas, I’m violently allergic and my face basically blows up.

    Your baby brownies look SO tasty.

  5. remember when u wuz gunna get a dawg? u should do dat.

  6. What a cutie!

    …. and those brownies look amazing!

  7. Cats are so silly! I love the little hats idea. Way to improvize with the creamer!

  8. She is such a cutie!!!

  9. seriously her face is too much, I want her! She looks like she’s trying to be so sweet and innocent in that picture by the newspaper.

  10. You used the word “baby” a lot in this post … are you trying to tell us something? Tee hee 😉

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