Small Town Girl

Population-wise, where I grew up isn’t that small.

But trust me friends, I’m from a small town.

Case in point-Friday of Thanksgiving we went to HOCKEY
Here in Portland, hockey games are unfun.  I went once.  The best part was drinking out of my sippy cup on the max to the game.
(Let’s not judge that I was drinking tequila in public from a princess cup, ok?)

But in surreal america?  Oh hockey is AWESOME.

For starters, Beer and I recommitted.
True Luv.

(Shampoo and I on the other hand look like we’re seeing other people in this picture.  Hot.)

And there were fights

And when they play Cotton Eye Joe both small children AND middle aged men take their shirts off
The husband didn’t believe this really happened.  It does.

And we got the best nachos EVER
Baby Brother was all mad saying “I just spent $7 on nachos”

Then he ate some.

Holy Mother.

You know when bad for you food hits that right point?

These were it.

Hockey games-you love em?  I adore them, clearly, so long as they’re in my hometown.

What’s your favorite stadium food?

Off for a tetanus shot!  Back later with Life Lessons I Learn For You:  Don’t stick your finger in the immersion blender.

Because I may have done that.  Whoops.


6 responses to “Small Town Girl

  1. I was JUST talking about hockey on Sunday… and that the Winterhawks games when I was growing up were SO fun, because of the fights… and they’d let them fight. 😉 I won an art contest when I was 8 and got to meet the Winterhawks… I remember their hockey sticks being about twice as tall as me.

    I haven’t been to a hockey game in years… 😀

  2. I’ve only been to one hockey game and I had a blast…but no thanks to the hockey 🙂 I was a fan of the sangria and the after-game Saving Abel concert…the game? Just kinda eh…but a fun night anyways!

  3. I have never been to a Hockey Game…so sad and I go to school in Northern New York. This is such a small town up here and I’m from a larger city ha.

  4. “Shampoo and I on the other hand look like we’re seeing other people in this picture. ” – This cracked me up!
    Too bad about the immersion blender. I broke mine by trying to use it to grind almonds. I don’t know what I was thinking.
    I’ve done the same thing with a coffee grinder (stuck my finger in it), no accidents yet but I keep telling myself, “This is a terrible idea.”

  5. I really need to be more “american” and get myself to a sports game. Hell, I’m a Trojan and I’ve still never set foot in a football stadium. It’s shameful, I know. But if I could determine that they sold those amazing nachos, I think I’ll go. 🙂

    btw, thank you for your honest, sincere comment on my last post. You rock and you’re wonderful, Kalin. I wonder why we haven’t gotten to meet yet. I think maybe the world wouldn’t be able to handle it. ;-p

  6. I don’t have a favourite stadium food – I love it all. Loaded. I want one of everything please.

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