Sterotypical Turkey Day Post

I was trying to figure out how I could recap my Thanksgiving in true I’m an Eating Machine style.

I cooked very little of it, because part of going home is not having to do that.  My niece and I make the rolls the day before.   That was the extent of my cooking.

I don’t have have any awesome “stay healthy for the holidays!” tips.  I don’t eat the stuffing?  Because I don’t like it.
(That’d be my dinner-turkey, a roll, lots o gravy, peas, carrots, rutabegas, and sweet potatoes.)

I guess there’s a tip:  have a lifelong dislike of stuffing.  Saves more room for pie.

So rather than a post of here’s what I ate, or here’s what a I cooked, or here’s how to be healthy, I present….

What I drank on thanksgiving.

Coffee at the turkey trot

Plus Gatorade.  Gatorade is delicious.  I’m perpetually dehydrated, so I carry a drink (normally water) when I run.

See how those gloves look too small?  Turns out when you find gloves with Eyore on them at your parent’s house they might be kids sized, not grownup sized.  Life lessons.

Then more coffee at Baby Brother’s Starbucks
I had a swig of peppermint shnapps because it’s important to drink before noon.

I am not kidding on that.

Husband and Baby Brother took tequila shots.  This is my life.

My blood was about 97% caffiene at this point, so I ate lunch and drank some water in there.  And by water I mean diet Vernors
This stuff is delicious.   Other ginger ales taste blandddd once you’ve had it.

Then switched to wine.  Shocking.
Getting married is awesome, btw, because it means there’s always someone to get you another drink.  My glass refilled itself over and over without me doing it.

Dinnertime meant double fisting
I might have taught my 2 year old niece to yell “double fisting!” when she’s got two sippy cups this weekend.  It happens.

And then….
This happened
Gravy shots?
Gravy shots.

There’s no good explanation.  We had gravy.  And shot glasses.  It just seemed to make sense.  Someone else took a shot of butter.

Post dinner we had coffee and tea.  I’m in loves with this Trader Joe’s ish
But really, once you have had gravy shots, just tea doesn’t cut it.  So this happened
Rum and tea work!  Life lesson right there!

And finally, we ended the night looking at the giant stack of ads, with one last glass of wine (and a beer for my husband)
Happy Thanksgiving friends.

So, what did you drink?


10 responses to “Sterotypical Turkey Day Post

  1. I’m sure a gravy flavored four loko is in the works.

  2. LOL GRAVY SHOTS!?!?!? I want to have Thanksgiving at your house..
    I drank a lot of wine. A lot. And made a beer run for later. The entire bottom shelf of our fridge is loaded with beer bottles.

  3. My liver hurts just reading this.

    And I LOVE stuffing 🙂

  4. I have the biggest fear of not being hyradated enough in races and running in general. I think I overhydrate sometimes ha. 🙂

  5. Omg! Frat party or thanksgiving?! Either way I didn’t cook either so no judgement on my part! I drank aqua!

  6. HAHAHA gravy shot! That’s priceless!!! I remember once I was dared to do a shot of Mexican tabasco once…of course I did it 😉 The extent of my T-giving drinks was a kahlua-spiked coffee. What can I say – my mother was driving my grandmother and I CRAZY!!!!

  7. Gravy shots 🙂 You are my kind of people.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever ever heard of a gravy shot. But, I can see it happening! 🙂

  9. Gravy shots?!? Nice. My family would fit in perfectly with yours.

    The main question for us was, what didn’t we drink? Our Turkey Day drinks included beer, wine, liquid gold beer (imperial stout with bourbon), port and hot toddys (whiskey I think). Good times. I heart the holidays!

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