This is nuts

After making the molasses cookies, know what I was woken up to the next morning?

The cat.  Crying her face off.

We let her downstairs so we could sleep more, and when I finally got upstairs, guess what I found
Good job kitten, good job.

I’m about 90% sure her cries were her saying “Mommy! Daddy!  I was minding my own business pouncing on the counter and then there was a NOISE!  And things FELL!  I don’t like it!”

She’s smart.

Proving her smartness?  Cookies falling down = distress.  But snow?
Yeah, perfect to go sit in.

I finally brought her in because I had bad, bad visions of her licking some metal.

She’s nuts.

And on the subject of nuts…

I’m part bear, and so I’m preparing to hibernate for the winter.  In addition to cookies I realized my bear belly needs nuts
(Do bears eat nuts?  I feel like they do.  And I bet if you gave them a cookie, they’d eat it.  Science.)

I wanted to make spiced nuts for my husby and for myself.

He likes food so spicy it clears your sinuses.  I’m preparing for winter by eating my weight in sugar.  So I made two types.

For mine I stared at about 3438 recipes and realized they were all the same.  You whisk an egg white with 1 T of water
Then stir in 4 c of nuts
With 1/2 c of sugar and some spices
Then you bake it at 200 or thereabouts for an hour, and you get this deliciousness
The husband was tricker.  He wanted spice. I looked and looked for a recipe.  I finally found a few different ones that called for butter, Worcestershire, and hot sauce.

I got out the butter
And the flavorings
And did a little test batch.

Barely any spice. How could something with only good things end up so bland?

So we tried again.  With more power
Better, but not perfect
I’m pretty sure the lesson here is that Jesus wants you to eat sugar.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make some that’re really spicy? But, you know, good spicy.  Not just “wow they dumped a bottle of cayenne in here” spicy.


6 responses to “This is nuts

  1. Bears eat beets, Kalin. I’m not sure about nuts.

    If your husband likes wasabi, some wasabi powder could probably work.

  2. I made wasabi almonds last year, they were HOT and flavorful – which is a good thing… they were awesome.

    do you have hot sauce, like sriracha or Franks? I bet those would be good too…

  3. 🙂 This post made me smile big smiles. Twice.

  4. did you use chili pepper flakes? that shizzle has to be used!! hahahahaha is your cat getting huge?

  5. Takeout is getting so big!!!! Dude.

    I love her obviously and your nuts. Wait….I am drunk commenting. I love sweet nuts. Spicy nuts are okay but not my fave. I like adding minced jalapenos to mine when I do make them. HOT!

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