Our winner is Kate who told this fantastic bad date story:

Awful date story: When I was in HS, my Mom set me up on a blind date with her co-worker’s son. We spent the day hanging out at the mall. It was so awkward (he wouldn’t talk to me!) that I called my Mom from the bathroom and begged her to come join us for dinner. She did, along with my brother and sister. She kept trying to find some sort of common ground to get him to talk – she brought up baseball knowing he played. My brother then made some snide comment about switch hitters and my date announced, “I’m a switch hitter!” I swear it was the only full sentence he said all day. My brother almost died laughing. I just wanted to crawl under the table.

Congrats Kate!  Email me at imaneatingmachine *at* with your address!

Real post tomorrow!

About cookies.  I’m preparing to hibernate for the winter right now by eating all the carbs in the world.  I’d be an awesome bear.


2 responses to “Winner!

  1. Hahah! Oh Kate! Your mom set you up on a blind date when you were in HS?! Man! That buggles me, because my parents were absolutely “no dating” while I was in high school (not that they had to worry about it anyway). 😉


  2. Hehe – I am so glad I have never had a blind date! The stories scare me!

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