A Little Spoiled

I’m my daddy’s only daughter

Being the only girl in a family with 3 brothers means you get a little spoiled sometimes.

I’m also my daddy’s good eater-I’m far less picky than my brothers.  When my mom would go with Baby Brother to Canada to visit relatives every summer he’d make me delicious thai food that neither of them would eat.

When I worked on Sunday nights in high school, he’d make me my own little dish of dinner, just for me, and have it waiting in the oven when I got home.

In college when I’d come home to visit he’d bust out the Le Creuset and make me a giant batch of stew, dishing it out into tupperwares to fill my freezer until my next visit.

Being a little spoiled meant I always ate well.

Whenever I make stew it reminds me of my daddy.

You chop up the meat
Which I hate.  But pre-cut stew meat cost twice as much. My daddy raised me to be a smart shopper.

You coat your meat in flour
Once, my husband asked me why.  I think he expected some sort of reasonable explanation.

Instead he got “My daddy said so”. Do you really need more explanation than that?

You sear the meat
My daddy told me “otherwise you just have boiled meat”

“Boiled meat” sounds gross.  I know some people cook their meat like that.  But just say it “boiled meat”.  Ick.

You chop up onions
Carrots, Celery
And potatoes
and they all join the party on your stove

My parents perpetually have a bottle of wine open (my drinking is genetic friends), so there was always some around to add a swig into dinner.  I didn’t, so I added beer
Alcohol makes your food more delicious.  Plus, once it’s open you might as well have a drink…

Then you let it cook until the meat is falling apart tender.  Then you add a few tablespoons of flour to thicken it. And some peas and corn, because your mommy taught you to eat your veggies.

You also don’t let your husband stir it.  Because he will stir and stir and stir until the potatoes all dissolve.  I learned that lesson the hard way.

And you eat it
With bread
Because bread makes you happy.

Almost as happy as my daddy making me stew always did.

(I foolishly made the mistake or marrying someone my daddy thinks is fantastic.  These days when I visit my daddy is off on a beer run with my husband, rather than making me dinner.  Adulthood = less spoiled.)

Do you have something your parents would always make for you?


14 responses to “A Little Spoiled

  1. I’m the youngest and only girl of 3, so I was a little on the spoiled side as well. For me it’s the same story, but with my mom. So many things I do when cooking is just because she did it, not really sure of the real reason.

  2. That stew looks inCREDible. Yum. And loved the memory tied to it 🙂 My mom always made us the best scones (but in Utah, scones=deep fried pillows of heaven) with fresh raspberry jam. Now I am wanting that!

    I am the opposite–3 girls and 1 boy in my fam. But I am youngest so I got a little spoiled, too 😉

  3. Our family is the opposite. 4 girls and a boy. I’m the oldest but i’m still totally spoiled. Just not as spoiled as Daniel. That kid is 9 and already has more crap than I ever will.

    MMM I love stew. It reminds me of growing up too. I covet your Le Creuset.

  4. I go to my dad’s house to MAKE beer! 😀

    when we were very young, my mom would always make us poached eggs, and mash them into fun shapes. when I spend the night at my moms, she’ll make me a poached egg, and most likely still shape it! 🙂

  5. You ARE spoiled. When I was a kid my Mother used to work the nightshift in the ICU a couple times each week. On “Dad’s Night” we could expect one of two things: frozen fishsticks, or frozen waffles.

    But he did let us watch Dr. Who and MST3k, so, I guess that makes up for it.

  6. That looks delish! That’s the perfect comfort food for me: some sort of stewed meat. YUM

  7. I’m my daddys only girl too. I’m totally spoiled hehe. I’m not the most unpicky eater though.

  8. My mom used to make this amazing Chicken Cordon Bleu. I haven’t had it in probably 15 years. Mostly because it was ridiculously bad for you and my family decided to eat healthy. Probably good for our hearts.

    Also, alcohol in food is what life is all about.

  9. What a sweet post. My mom always cooked for me- whatever I wanted. She is an amazing cook and I love her Russian food- it’s my comfort grub.

  10. Hee hee! I can imagine why you’d be spoiled! That’s funny though; I thought guys were less picky eaters than gals.

    My dad can’t really cook, but he cooks a REALLY good instant noodle, I kid you not.

  11. yum. nothing like a big pot of stew!

  12. My best friend growing up was not only the baby but also the only girl. She got EVERYTHING she wanted. I was so jealous! But she shared with me so that was cool.

    My mom doesn’t really cook…my dad still makes me salmon patties and mashed potatoes. It probably doesn’t sound good but it is delicious.

    And isn’t it cool that your dad and husband get along so well? Mine do, too .

  13. My mom always made me the best potato soup 🙂

    I make stew almost the same way, but I add dumplings near the end of cooking it.

  14. It’s not the boiled part, it’s the meat part – ICK (j/k – vegetarian in da house!) . . . and have you ever poured beer into chili – delicieux!

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