Sometimes, I feel like people don’t take me seriously.

Years ago I told my friend Emily “Someday, I’m going to be really really fat.  But I won’t be sad because I’ll have elastic waist pants and ice cream”

I had quite the elastic waist pants obsession

But then I discovered if I eat like a normal person I have a pretty rad metabolism.  Can I eat whatever I want and be a size two?  Hells no.  But eating whatever I want has never put into ElasticWaistVille.

Which is kinda sad.  Because I seriously did want some.

But Jesus loves me so ElasticWaistVille became TRENDY.

Yesterday I realized I really truly needed some jeggings.  I texted my husband.  He thought I was joking.

Joke’s on you husband.
Me + Elastic Waist = True Love 4EVAH

They’re like maternity pants on top
I love ’em.

The lack of being taken seriously has been going on for years.

In undergrad I was a sociology major.  People would ask “what are you going to do with that?”

I’d answer “become a housewife!”

Sure, they laughed then.  But yesterday did I go to work, or did I do 3 loads of laundry and make pumpkin bread?
Yeah I was serious.

Also a serious fact?

When crack oranges* come into season I talk about eating my body weight in them.
People think I’m joking but seriously, I think I ate 6 yesterday.
*crack oranges = satsuma mandarins.  They’re addictive.  Like crack.  Crack that prevents scurvy.

Another serious fact?

(that may or may not just be a reminder to my husband for Christmas…)

I need these boots

to go with my jeggings.

Seriously.  Need.

9 responses to “Seriously

  1. This blog seriously made my day. I often tell my boyfriend of my serious plans in life such as to live off pancakes and breakfast food-he never believes me though.

    I absolutely love those oranges. No one else in a 30 mile radius is able to purchase them when they come into season.

  2. 1) I want those boots also. ❤

    2) I love satsumas.

    3) I HAVE A SOC DEGREE !! 🙂 hee! I always said "it's LIFE learning" – I can do ANYTHING with it !! BAAA HAAA !!

  3. My roommate has those boots. She named them after the first guy she kicked with them. Because they’re that awesome.

  4. It’s satsuma time already!? I can’t wait to get back to Portland now. (I’m on the East Coast for a couple of weeks.)
    Also, I love jeggings. I got mine last month. They are black and white and acid washed. I don’t know why I felt like I needed them, but I did.

  5. I need some jeggings!!! I feel like the only one that doesn’t have a pair!

  6. After the dinner I ate tonight, I could use some elastic waist pants! Seriously, your post made me laugh 🙂

    We’re heading up to Portland next weekend and will definitely hit the farmer’s market up for some satsumas.

    Your pumpkin break looks de-licious!

  7. Uh, where’d you get the jeggings?! I need more elastic pants in my life.

  8. You are my favorite. The end.

    I need jeggings now. I wore leggings with boots all weekend and it was amaze.

  9. i had grand plans to have a nice wardrobe and cute boots this winter but alas i’m on a budget…and no matter what I will always wear elastic waist band pants…they are THE best thing to wear on girls nights in that involve ben and jerrys. Cute pants though..I might steal your idea. Oh and all those oranges? SCREAM FIBER.

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