No Mine Own

My niece has taken to doing her darndest not to share.  If you try to she’ll say “No, mine own!”

She used to just say “no me” so I mean, at least her vocabulary is improving, even if her social skills aren’t.

I’ll be honest though, I’m not always a champ at sharing myself.

I made biscuits and gravy this weekend with the intent of feeding my husband with the leftovers.

But today, I found myself looking at them and I realized I wanted mine own.

Come on, could you say no to that?

I realized the only way to make homemade biscuits better is to add bacon

I made a lot of bacon, so I could share.  But turns out bacon really wanted to just go to the party in my tummy.

Then I realized I had homemade jam from my mommy

(Fun game with the baby:  “That’s my mommy”  “No!  Me grandma!”  “No she’s my mommy too!”  “No!  ME GRANDMA!”)

Clearly, I needed mine own biscuit with jam too.

It happens.

I do share sometimes.

Like last night, when we wanted to see if the kitten would go in a pumpkin?

Totally let the husband wrangle that one

(turns out Takeout has no desire to be Cinderella)

And when I make things like my lunch today if the husby is around I offer to share

(That’d be carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, apples, onions, and acorn squash.  Oh what’s that?  My husband won’t eat squash or onions?  So sad.  Mine own then!)

But if he asks if there are any Reeses left over from Halloween?

No, mine own.

So what are you bad at sharing?

I can’t share bacon.  I can’t.  I try and try but the bacon all wants to be my friend.


8 responses to “No Mine Own

  1. haha. mine own…love it.

    i cant think of things i wont share but i know there are tons, especially if you ask ian. oh, i wont share ther emote most times.

  2. gummi bears. I want them all to myself. I found a vegan brand (no gelatin!) and I just want to eat the whole delicious bag. 😀

  3. a girl after my own heart, I don’t share bacon either. Screw that.

    omg takeout pics :!!:!:!:!:!:!

  4. Haha, love the attempt of shoving kitty in the pumpkin 😉 I am bad at sharing my water. Let me explain, I like to measure my intake, and I have a bottle that has measure marks on it. When Marshall steals a swig or three, it throws me off. I yell at him, “HEY! I am measurin’!”

  5. You and my husband would probably get into a WWE-style match for the last piece of bacon. He can’t share that, either. As for me, I can’t share kabocha or apples. I’m sure the list is pretty long, actually. I like mine own stuff!!

  6. how the hell did i miss reading all your posts? Um…when I first started dating glenn I couldn’t share my food…like ANY OF IT. I’m selfish like that when it comes to good grub. Now I share though…except for icecream…or any sweets….hell, i can barely share my bed! Mmm….bacon…

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