Happy Halloween!

My finest pumpkin carving moment came in college

(hard to see, but one says “pumpkin”, one “jack o lantern” and the third has a jack-o-lantern carved onto it.)

We called those our PoMo pumpkins.

This year’s pumpkin aren’t as crazy

But they’re pretty!

(a Laurelwood Free Range Red-yes, beer-logo, a face, and stars.  by my husband, my mother and law, and me)

Baby Brother, on the other hand, has come a long ways from 7th grade, when he forgot to get a costume and borrowed my work clothes for Halloween

(prophecy of his future right there friends.  prophecy)

These days he’s helping my parents house be the most over decorated house on the block


and carving pumpkins of things he loves

The best part is the stuffed gorilla out front

Which actually comes to life and is…

Baby Brother!

Happy Halloween!

What’re you doing tonight?


5 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Of course baby brother wears a gorilla suit. I should have known that already!

    You guys to Halloween proud- love the pumpkins! Today I am feeling a little dehydrated from a party last night and I’m sitting waiting for kids to come and eat some candy.

  2. Last night the hubby and I went to a Halloween party, tonight we are staying in and handing out candy.

  3. This year was the very first time I saw ‘carving’ pumpkins at the supermarket. There was quite a lot there so I guess they didn’t sell. Australians just do not embrace the whole halloween thing.

  4. HA it is like he KNEW he would work there too…you guys are adorable…

  5. Love the carved pumpkins. I don’t love the gorilla coming to life on the porch–that used to scare the hell out of me! (to be honest, it still does!)

    We carved an enormous pumpkin into Mr. T and hung out. Tonight we’ll roast the pumpkin seeds. Yum!

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