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I looked through my pictures today, and wasn’t sure what to write about…. Yesterday was just so…. basic.

The most exciting thing I’ve been doing lately is watching the cat play with her pepper box

(that’s a box. With peppers in it.  She loves it.  She drags those stupid peppers everywhere.  I found seven in the kitchen today.  And one in the guest room.  She’s advanced for her age)

But really?  Are basics so bad?

Yesterday I made us both oats for breakfast

(yup I followed up a salad with the most normal breakfast evahhh.  I am large, I contain multitudes.)

My husband has oats for breakfast a lot.  I lovingly make them.  In the microwave, with water.

Since I was having some too they were made on the stove, with part milk, and were also half oat bran, rather than just normal oats.

He loved them.

I feel a little guilty now.

(So guilty in fact that I made him French Toast today.  Seriously.)

I put some pumpkin and pumpkin cream cheese on mine

Is cream cheese a weird choice?  I don’t know.  But I have some in the fridge, and I’m perpetually convinced food is about to go bad.  So I have to use it before my brain is convinced it’s coated in microscopic mold.

Breakfast also calls for some coffee

Carbs and caffiene.  The basics to get your day going.

(Know what’s not basic?  Water.  I didn’t drink any till after work yesterday.  Whoops.)

Lunch was, again, basic

Yogurt (that’s a half full container, with peanut flour and enough cinnamon to kill a puppy), banana, carrots.

And I had a day of teaching kindergarten that was basically a blast.

Dinner was something I don’t make nearly enough

Chicken veggie soup.

I always get all these ideas of soups to make and ignore the basic chicken soup.  And that’s silly of me because it’s so darn good!  And easy.

With bread
I could feed my husband basically anything with bread on the side and he’d be happy.

Not going to lie, I like me some basics.

What’s a super basic meal you love?

I like toast.  A lot.  Like a weird weird lot.   But only if it’s made in the oven.


9 responses to “Basics

  1. yay for more kitty pics!

    (I am cracking up about the Whitman reference. English nerd alert!)

    I seriously love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. LOVE

  2. Basics are – in short – awesome. I’m all about some spaghetti or toast with butter…or salad a’ la boyfriend (lettuce. in a bowl. with dressing. nothing else!)

  3. You make toast in the oven!!!?? Cool!!

    It’s funny, I was recently thinking about using cream cheese in oats to make cheesecake oatmeal. I think it sounds great!

  4. Nothing wrong with the basics. I had PB on a roll and a smoothie for dinner. Thursday nights are laaaazy.

  5. thehungryscholar

    I love bread. I used to eat a whole loaf in high school…when I had awesome metabolism.

  6. mmm oven toast!

    and i totally got my sweet running shirt today, and spend a good half hour trying to figure out what the “cord management system” was. i think it is the little loop on the back… kinda lame. but so ready to beat our family in da race now.

  7. MMM that bread looks so good!
    Sometimes basic and easy meals are the bomb. I totally understand. I’ve been having sandwiches with salad for dinner for the last…I don’t know how many nights.

    And look at you go girl! Stepping up from the microwave 😉
    It is just so fast and too darn easy!

  8. SANDWICH FACE. I’ve been eating so many I feel like a high schooler.

  9. That bread looks SO good. And your cat is hilarious! I wish we could get a cat (my face would blow up–allergies).
    We loves basics at my house. Grilled cheese is on the rotation along with Tacos every Tuesday. For like 12 years. It’s freakish but they are so easy and so delicious and we can’t stop eating them.

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