Teenage Dream

I’m going through a bit of a second adolescence right now.

I cut my knee while shaving

Seriously, who manages that at 25?

I might currently be rocking out to Nelly like I’m 16.

And changing birth control has led to me breaking out like it’s 9th grade.

It’s only a matter of time before my blog starts to talk abut how I need to grub it tough.

(grub it = eat.  tough = adds a degree of urgency or importance, can be used to mean things like “really”.  so grub it tough = really hungry, more or less. )

I’ve never been the biggest on breakfast foods.  In high school one of my main breakfasts was rice.  Usually with peas and parm.

Totally normal.
Honestly, there are things about me that haven’t changed since I was a teenager.  I’ve always been an eater

Fried foods takes priority over how hot I look in my bikini
(and i cannot for the life of me use chopsticks.  Then or now.)

I love to bake

(although I don’t bleach my hair, rock abercrombie shirts, wear a size 4, or have my cookies make statements-that one was called “industrialization”.   it’s a house, crushing a tree).

And, I still eat some weird breakfasts.

Today, I was in the mood for salad.  Thankfully, Fresh Express sent me some coupons for FREE salad as part of the Foodbuzz tastemakers program.

I remember going to Safeway in high school with friends and getting their salad kits (you know, with the dressing and croutons and things) and eating it out of the bag as dinner when we’d stay late for stuff.

I feel like most kids didn’t do this.  But don’t lie-it’s smarter than the big macs you’d pick up before play practice.

I decided a BLT-ish salad would be a great breakfast.

Bacon is a breakfast food.  Croutons are like toast.  It’s reasonable.

I make my own croutons because I’m weird like that.

Melted butter + bread = happy.

While the bacon cooked and the croutons crisped I made some ranch.

Ranch is one of those things you shouldn’t make on your own because you realize just how gross it is.  Not that it stops me from making it but seriously, it’s a mix of this

Weird.  But tasty.
I started with the Fresh Express Hearts of Romain Photobucket

And added on the croutons, bacon, tomatoes, and some mushrooms for good measure.

Assembled salad


(deep bowl = looks like it’s just toppings and dressing it.  there is lettuce)

And Fresh Express was nice enough to send me a ton of salad coupons, so I’m going to share!  Just leave a comment with a food you loved  in high school to enter.  I’ll pick two winners on Saturday and send them each two coupons for free Fresh Express salad!


13 responses to “Teenage Dream

  1. alcohol counts as a food group right? because when i think back to high school im pretty sure coke and rum was my favorite meal.

  2. I was a homeschooled kid until sophomore year in highschool, so I didn’t have the vast background of delicious, processed foods to have grown up with… but, man, once I discovered the gas-station slush it was all downhill from there.

    Come to think of it, I still love the slush, though I don’t think I could pound 44oz now and not get the jitters. 🙂

  3. I loved reeses cups in high school. Now I love dark chocolate dipped in sweetened peanut butter. Gosh I’ve grown up so much.

  4. this is awesome. I love a BLT… and yep – you really shouldn’t ever make ranch. 😉

    in high school my lunches were the same every day: lettuce + carrots + ranch dressing. sometimes an ice cream sandwich. 😀

  5. I want your ranch dressing recipe!

    I ate bags of chili cheese fritos in high school and washed ’em down with a powerade. I was gross.

  6. You make yummmy looking salads! I wish you’d make one for me – I HATE making salad!

  7. I can barely remember high school. What can I say? I’m old. I think I ate a lot of bagels and drank a lot of Diet Coke.

  8. That is so goofy but really cool! I’ve had breakfast foods for dinner but never in reverse. And aw, you were just as gorgeous in high school!

    My high school favorites were mac and cheese and french toast. Nom!

    Hope you’re having a great week.

  9. Ain’t nothing wrong with making your own croutons. Rock on with those kitchen sheers girl!

    I wish I could do savory for breakfast but for me, even eggs are a bit of a stretch.

    And re: shaving. I’ve got nearly a decade on you and continue to shred up my knees while shaving. You’d think I’d get better with time but no such luck. This was a fun post to read 🙂

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  11. I had diet coke and grandma’s cookies for lunch pretty much every day in high school. I also liked to dip ding dongs in strawberry yogurt. Which is gross, yes.

  12. it’s disgusting…but I LOVED big macs in high school. I ate one every Wednesday…

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